Where's the scents in that? Part II by Kevin Whybrow - Profesor de inglés

Where's the scents in that? Part II

Now here’s a curious thing. As I have already intimated; when Archie takes me for a walk, his every movement is dictated by his nose.
Now consider this. Humans have 5 million smell receptors in their nose. Compare this to a dog which has between 125 million and 300 million depending on whether it’s a daschund or a bloodhound. That’s an awful lot of sniff power! In fact, it is estimated that a dog can identify different smells between 1,00
0 to 5,000 times better than humans (I pity the poor humans sorry enough to have been involved in that test! Can you imagine; “on the nose there are hints of poodle and red setter, with further doggybix notes and a fleeting memory of Pedigree Chum too! There is a long and elegant finish leaving an admirable flavour in the mouth, long after the poo has been sniffed!”?
However, I can’t help thinking that it is such a waste of ability since Archie’s sniffware spends much of its time, either in a pile of doggy-do or up another mutt’s nuts!
So what’s so curious?
I refer you to Part I of this story where Archie was charging toward an unsuspecting terrier until his nose detected a curious smell, somersaulted and began to investigate the smell.  Well, having completed the “book”, Archie’s nose wandered on for a bit before looking up to check where I was. But, I wasn’t there anymore! Archie stood stock-still and looked. And looked again. There was no disputing it; I had disappeared.
Actually, I hadn’t disappeared, I was hiding behind a tree. At 5 years old, Archie still has a great deal of playful puppy about him – and a certain amount of insecurity too. I love to play “hide-and-seek” with him which is particularly fulfilling since Archie has no comprehension of “hiding” so I get to play the fun part every time!
One can only imagine what’s going on in his head, “Oh no! How will I get home? Where is home? Where’s my dinner?”
What Archie is ACTUALLY thinking, “Oh no! … Not again!... can’t look away for a second…he gets lost…Where’s my dinner?”
And so, Archie sets off to find me.
And this is what is so curious; Archie doesn’t use his nose! He sprints back to the place he last saw me and LOOKS back in the direction from where we came. He stands still, not five feet from where I am standing and looks. AND LOOKS!
I try and try but I can’t help it. After a few seconds the giggle erupts out of the side of my mouth and Archie turns triumphantly with a look of relief.
One can only imagine what’s going on in his head, “Phew! I thought you’d gone and left me! Thought I was lost. So glad I managed to find you!”
What Archie is ACTUALLY thinking, “Haha…very funny…What’s for dinner?"
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