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Negotiating: more than just a business skill

For many working professionals, negotiating is an essential skill: negotiating contracts with staff, terms with suppliers, pay rises with bosses etc. Negotiation is a crucial management skill, the art of give and take in order to maintain the status quo.

Yet outside the office negotiation plays a large part in anyone’s life, throughout their life. Negotiating with parents as a teenager or as a young adult still living at home. Negotiating household responsibilities with flatmates. Negotiating with our partners, spouses and with our own children. The “Art of the Deal” (as Donald Trump once called it) is an important life skill we all need to be familiar with, whether in English or not.

This 10-part audio podcast from American website Slate – in partnership with the Harvard Business School (whose Cold Call podcasts are also a good listen for more advanced business learners) - goes into all details of negotiation, from setting the price, schmoozing, dealing with time pressure, negotiating with kids, closing the deal and more.

Obviously, Slate have the podcast on their site HERE...

but in case you have problems with Adobe plug-ins Google also host all 10 episodes HERE.


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