Teaching Kids With Purpose by Iñigo Jordana - Profesor de Inglés y Empresario

Teaching Kids With Purpose

When I was working for the Hijas de Jesus as a class adviser and English Teacher in a traditional school setting, I was pleased to realize that right next door was a place unlike any I had ever seen. It was a place with high walls and trees surrounding, as though hiding from the rest of the world. Little did people know that behind those walls were some of the most wonderful children in the world. When I had the privilege of being invited into the house with the high walls, I was greeted by over a dozen smiling children. They seemed glad to have a new visitor. These were the children from a child caring agency called, “Kids With Purpose International”. They cater to orphaned, abandoned and neglected children of the Philippines, aged 2-18 providing care, formation, social work and education.

My wife worked there when we were dating and she asked me if I wanted to volunteer to help the children. I immediately agreed to be of service, not just to impress her, but also to try to make a positive difference in these children's lives. I taught them sports and facilitated seminars, which would help guide them. I also helped by playing a big brother role at this center.

When one of the children was to be adopted by an Australian couple, I was given the task of tutoring this child, who, for the purpose of privacy, we shall call John. He was a shy little boy who knew very little about English. It was after the third session that he had showed some progress and it was such a joy to be able to converse with him for 5 minutes straight that day. Later, there were in-house teachers assigned to help fast track his progress and he was eventually able to be with his adoptive parents in Australia, where he successfully integrated. 

Teaching at Kids With Purpose was one of the most fulfilling things I'd had the privilege of doing as an educator. It remains one of my favorite places in the world. In fact, I proposed to my wife there, with the help of those children.

Teaching is a vocation in itself, but when you have the chance to help children who are as beautiful as those in child caring institutions, go and help. Believe me, it will change your life.
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