Why pick a Norwegian who left Chemistry to teach English in Madrid? by Torleif Villmones - Profesor de inglés

Why pick a Norwegian who left Chemistry to teach English in Madrid?

Norwegian who left Chemistry to be teaching English in Madrid

Hi! I am Torleif Villmones, one can also call me Thor.
I am from Norway, in a small city called Tromso. I am a 22 years old bilingual speaking Norwegian guy. Currently an English teacher in Madrid.
I have always been more of a quiet person, I like reading books and playing the guitar. I like playing football in my spare time and I love theatre. I am highly involved with plays and comedy in my free time, and I also use puppets with children in my classes!
The reason I moved away from Tromso is because I never really felt at home in this city, I didn’t have many hobbies and I just lost my spark for living in Tromso. It is a beautiful city trust me, but after living there for 20 years I just had it, and I had to do something else. That’s why I came to Madrid instead!

I finished high school in my home town Tromso, where I took courses in applied mathematics, chemistry and English. I also had 4 years of Spanish, muy bien!
I went to the military for 1 year in a remote town (more of a place really) out of nowhere. Here I had a great time and I gained a lot of friends as well, and I got to shoot a rifle, yess…
I have studied chemistry for 2 years in the university, I thought this was my passion. But when sitting in the lab one day I just said to myself, no. This is not my passion at all, I have to do something else.

When I was 16 years old I lived in USA for 1 year, in warm California. And yes, I surfed every weekend – miss this sooo much! Anyways, while I lived in the States I learned and practiced a lot of English, (I would probably not have written this text if it weren’t for this) and while living there I came to realise that English is very interesting and also fun to speak!

After this adventurous embarkment I couldn’t shake off the temptation of traveling even more, so during my bachelors in Chemistry I went on an Erasmus exchange in Prague. Lovely city and great people, I gained a lot of friends here and I learned a lot of English!
My next stop was an internship to Nepal as an English teacher (through my studies again), this stay was incredible and memorable. I was teaching 5th- and 6th graders. I played guitar and football with the children as well, while trying to speak some Nepalese with them, brilliant!

So as a whole, I would say that I am more of a jumper in my life. I like exploring new places and to do new things which I find interesting and valuable. I haven’t yet found out what to exactly do in my life, but I would say that after coming to Madrid and meeting all these incredible and interesting new people, I have opened my eyes and thoughts - and maybe I will find a profession and path which I can do for the rest of my life.

09 April 2021

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