Second Post! by Matias Moreno - Profesor de inglés

Second Post!

The last couple of weeks I’ve been writing and presenting my thesis, as I said in previous posts. Now I am free to write here as much as I can, after dedicating the last month to philosophy of music.

First I would like to talk to you guys about my plans concerning my English classes; what would I like to teach if I could choose and what are my interests. One of my goals is to teach English to other teachers who are looking for jobs in bilingual schools here in Madrid. My focus would be humanities teachers: history, literacy, philosophy et al. It would be a challenge and an inspiration to share our passion for humanities with people who are being trained to become educators.

Another idea would be to use my experience as a tour guide and give English classes in the form of historical tours. We would go around Madrid touring for a while, like an hour and a half or so, talking about these places in terms of art and trying to learn some vocabulary.

For now, let’s see if any of you are interested in this!

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