How to Get Students as a Freelance teacher by Inglés con Julie - Profesora de inglés en Majadahonda

How to Get Students as a Freelance teacher

You have your TEFL, your degree, your experience. Then why aren’t you getting students?

Before I had any students, I spent a lot of time showing them who I am. I had to create a persona online that both attracted students while telling them a little bit about why I am unique and of course why InglesconJulie is unique.


In 2017 I was working full-time as a teacher in Madrid and had no idea how to find English students. I love being Spain but needed an income that would help me live comfortably.

I started creating content — tips for learning English to help my students. I posted on YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and Twitter.

Even though this was back in 2017, the strategy remains the same and it is still very possible to achieve success if you are consistent and don’t give up.


Im still learning and growing. New resources are being created online everyday to help advertise and get the word out. One of the most important things you can do to attract students and build your business is to create content that shows who you are. Showing who you are is critical for how to find English students!


So where to start? Start recording videos with your smartphone and an internet connection. It can be really useful to create images and graphics that make you look more professional online. For example, you should design images for social media posts and thumbnail images for videos. Other teachers have used because it’s simple and looks good. It’s also free to start using and has a pro account for more. And post! post! post!

To build up content to post, start and maintain a blog (like this one!)

Have confidence when you’re starting out, even if you feel like you haven’t earned it yet! You will get students if you stick with it!

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