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Using Twitter to improve your English?

Using Twitter to help your English may seem counterintuitive.

Isn't it a social media app where people get into heated debates about political things or where celebrities put their careers at risk by not thinking before tweeting? Or where people crack bad jokes and post pictures of their pets?

Well, yes. 

But Twitter is also useful for connecting - passively or actively - with English teachers and students, with native English speakers and non-native masters of the language all over the world.

Tweeters (or is it twitterers?) also send links to interesting news stories related to their specific interests, which may well coincide with yours. If you are interested in football, Hollywood, finance, travel, politics or science there are plenty of informed commentators tweeting bite-sized nuggets of information on those specific subjects. Using hashtags to search also makes language learning material easier to find. There are also a fair few accounts dedicated to tweeting to the English-learning community, some focusing on information to help pass exams, others on pronunciation, business language, vocabulary and more. There are even a few accounts dedicated solely to phrasal verbs.

A good place to start if you are new to Twitter and looking to improve your English is my own account

As well as my own "content" (pronounced CON-tent, as it's a noun and not an adjective with a totally different meaning) I regularly retweet other accounts which are either helping you with your English or linking to interesting topical stories in the news to provide you with talking points. Also, as I am based here in Spain (and maybe you are too) I often feature links to stories about the country in English so Spanish people can see what familiar topics are referred to in English!

So as well as watching Netflix with the English subtitles on and listening to the BBC's "6 Minute English" Podcast, try using Twitter to improve your English outside the classroom.

As a famous British supermarket once said: Every Little Helps!
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