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Get on my Level: the importance of knowing your English level

Many students start English classes thinking they are worse (or sometimes better) than they really are. At Oxinity, we offer a level test before classes start. This level test is smaller and more informal than other tests students might be accustom to; however, this does not take away from its importance.

Why is it important to know your level? The first reason is to be able to place you in the correct class or with the most appropriate teacher. Most times, the level will depend on the structure of the class and the content that is being taught.

The second reason is more direct. You can use this information to understand your strengths and weaknesses. Understanding these will greatly help you in knowing what areas you need to focus on.

Following this line of thinking, taking a level test can assist you in studying for an English exam, like the CELTA, Cambridge or other English proficiency exam.

The following gives a general comparison between the different exams. The exams all use the Common European Framework (CEF) proficiency levels.


Cambridge English Key (KET)

PTE General Level 1

PTE Academic 30-42

TOEIC Listening & Reading 225

TOEIC Speaking & Writing 160


Cambridge English Preliminary (PET)

BEC Prelim

IELTS 4-4.5

TOEFL iBT 57-86

TOEIC Listening & Reading 550

TOEIC Speaking & Writing 240

PTE General Level 2

PTE Academic 43-58

Trinity ISE I


Cambridge English First (FCE)

BEC Vantage

IELTS 5-6.5

TOEFL iBT 87-109

TOEIC Listening & Reading 785

TOEIC Speaking & Writing 310

Michigan ECCE

PTE General Level 3

PTE Academic 59-75

Trinity ISE II


Cambridge English Advanced (CAE)

BEC Higher


TOEFL iBT 110-120

TOEIC Listening & Reading 945

TOEIC Speaking & Writing 360

PTE General Level 4

PTE Academic 76-84


Cambridge English Proficiency (CPE)

IELTS 8.5-9

Michigan ECPE

PTE General Level 5

PTE Academic 85+



Level test

CEFR Levels


Here is a free test to check your level. You can use this level test to sign up for a free English class with me! Just head over to

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