Last days in tapapies by Matias Moreno - Profesor de inglés

Last days in tapapies

This is the last weekend of Tapapies, which is a festival made to promote the food of Lavapies, a neighbourhood here in Madrid. Every bar in the association has to come up with a new tapa to give to costumers for 1,50€ and 2,50€ if you want beer with it. Lavapies has lots of restaurants from different parts of the world so the fact that they are tapas does not necessarily mean they are spanish or based on spanish food, you'll find food from Africa, Asia, South America and of course lots of India-based tapas (Lavapiés is full with indian restaurants). It is, after all, a melting pot kind of neighbourhood. 

The last day is tomorrow, so if you haven't been there yet, be sure to go and have a try! The last day they choose a winner from all the contestants and you can vote your favorite and, completing a certain number of tapas, you get a free snack. Also you get to try very different kinds of food. I'll leave the link right here: TAPAPIÉS
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