From ballet to Teaching by -

From ballet to Teaching

How Does someone who's dream is to become a professional ballerina end up teaching?
When I was younger all I wanted for my future was to dance ballet, it seemed to be the only thing I could picture myself doing in the future, I felt that because I would still love it after all the tiredness and pain that caused me, but my mum encouraged me to study something else, something she called more " useful and realistic" , so, She tried to get that idea out of my head, I don't blame her,  a dancing carrer is not 
an easy one .
Some frustrating years after  I was  finishing my business studies, this one was definitely a more useful career in my mother's opinion, but to me it was a waste of time, It felt dull and unfulfilling . After I spent some years studying and working on what definitely didn't appeal to me, I saw the light, this happened when I got offered some teaching training along with a job offer, at first I thought it was a crazy idea, I had nothing to do with teaching but I hated what I was doing and I had nothing to lose, so I gave it a try, then, only then I experienced that feeling again, the feeling that I was doing what I wanted to do for the rest of my  life, life which now makes much more sense, These years made me feel  professionally empty, because there was something missing, there was no passion or enthusiasm, but they also taught me how important is to not be afraid to changes and never  give up trying to find what you really love doing.
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