My first blog! by Liselotte Stredel - Profesora de inglés

My first blog!

Hi there! Welcome to my first blog entry!

My name is Liselotte Stredel and I'm one of the newest additions to Oxinity. I was born and raised in Caracas, Venezuela, meaning Spanish is my mother tongue, but grew up in a bilingual household, with Italian being the second language as my mother was born to Italian parents. Unfortunately, I was always a little embarrased and self-conscious about speaking Italian, so I can't speak as fluently as I'd like to.

But from a very young age I started learning English, specifically around 4 years old. I learnt at school but I was also placed in particular lessons with other kids, as well as always being exposed to English in the form of TV series, music, books and magazines. With the rise of the internet, I joined the message boards of my favorite bands during my teen years (younger students probably won't know what a message board is, I'm old, man), meaning I was just writing in English to strangers all over the world every single day. It may sound weird to some, but it's a really helpful way to learn. Some of those strangers are now good friends and I've even visited them in their home countries! But I've also had direct contact with the English language in the form of traveling: I went a lot to the United States for vacation and I also studied for a summer at an international school of English in Warminster, England.

So there you have a brief story of how I learned this fun and useful language. I am a firm believer that if I was able to learn English, everybody else can. We all have our own story and it's time to start yours!
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