Madrid History Class! by Matias Moreno - Profesor de inglés

Madrid History Class!

As I said before, I am really interested in using my experience as a tour guide to do some classes in which I could implement the tour-format and the english class to create something of a monster, a kind of freak. When I worked as a guide, I was surprised to see how many spaniards want to practice their english doing some history lessons about their own city. My idea is to go around some of the places in Madrid de los Austrias and go over the structure of a free tour, but shorter. I am thinking one hour and a half. 
The tour would be a fantastic opportunity to learn some vocabulary about architecture, artistic styles, general history and cities. It would go from the foundation of Madrid to the current times, so I have the idea to start at the plaza Mayor and finish there as well, right where the sign with the ¡No Pasarán! sign was hanged. 
Also, the number of people would be reduced. I would go out with two or three people, and never more than 10 or 15, otherwise students won't hear me well. 
I will write the script for the tour using a couple of books I have picked up from my time as a guide and see how people like it! 
See you then!
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