Biography by Faye Dowling - Profesora de inglés


If you’re looking for moments of conviviality in the classroom you’ve come to the right place!


My name is Faye and I’m from a little place in the south of Ireland called Cork . Cork is known in Ireland for its heritage pubs, with their cosy corners and it’s thriving music scene. But most importantly Cork is known for its friendliness. You can’t walk down a street in Cork city without someone stopping you to say hello.


Since I was a teenager I’ve been attempting to bring Irish warmth abroad. I fell in love with french culture, the language, the people, the way of life. And after my final exams in school I took a gap year and moved to a beautiful town in the north east of France called Nancy. It’s a bright city with old beautiful old buildings of white stone, and everywhere you looked there were terraces full of people who seemed to me to really know how to enjoy the small moments in life. I felt at home here immediately. And what better place to learn philosophy than in a french university? This year opened my mind in new ways and gave me a real understanding of how the french think. 


I came back to Cork with a renewed sense of pride for Ireland, and I began my bachelors degree in University College Cork. As part of the BA World Languages degree that I completed there I’ve studied french, spanish, german and general linguistics. The chance to study about the cultures of these three counties and their languages has opened my way of thinking and allowed me to make so many new connections with interesting people from around the world. 


In UCC I was elected events rep by my class which meant that I was in charge of making sure our parties were unforgettable! I found that organising social events was something I loved to do and during the time that I was elected we went on trips to Amsterdam and Lisbon as a group as well as countless local nights we’ve spent getting to know one another over a few drinks - Jameson Irish whisky of course.


In my third year of studies in UCC the Erasmus program offered me the opportunity to experience another new culture and I set off again on a new adventure, this time to Leipzig in Germany. Leipzig....also known affectionately as "Hype-Zig" or "Mini-Berlin". This city met all of expections! When I didn’t have to study I spend hours cycling through the endless parks and meeting my frinds down by the lake. It was an unforgettable year! 


I have always enjoyed teaching and sharing my passion for linguistics and language acquisition with my students. In my final year of university, I completed the CELTA module and taught English to a group of B2 level students from around the world. Staying with this group and seeing their development throughout the course, accumulating in every one of them passing the course with flying colours and progressing on to the C1 course confirmed for me that this career path with the reward it offers is the right path for me! 


My teaching style is relaxed and focused on creating a warm and acceptable classroom environment. I believe that it’s essential to create a convivial learning space where everyone is encourage and feels comfortable to express themselves confidently in the group, regardless of their level. In my class the only rule is: ‘Don’t be afraid to fail, be afraid not to try!’

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