Saturn's Moons: Mimas and I. by Soraya Rodríguez - ESL for Spanish Students and Teachers

Saturn's Moons: Mimas and I.

Saturn's Moons

III. Mimas and I.


Saturn’s Moons aren’t any beads or trinkets; they are gems. Precious gems. No one cares if they’ve been polished, smoothed or carved to suit one’s likings for they are gems and they just are. They can be the way they are. They already are. Despite changes, they still are. And so they will be forever after as thus they are now, virtuous in their core, incorruptible. Moons in my universe, walking eternity, muses and saviours and dragons and fire: these all they are.


Mimas is the closest orbiting moon of Saturn, and though it is said to be the smallest one too, Mimas is a Giant. Her giant-soul is just as big as her passion. That must feel quite overwhelming.

I flew back for a meeting and stayed over at hers. We finally got home and were almost ready to go to bed. Changes had been part of our lives lately one way or another. It felt exhausting.

Wrath is probably not the topic you would like to talk about before going to bed -not that what we talk about has ever been the most common or the appropriate or the expected anyway. Closest moon. 

Mimas and I were considering the limits of wrath. That moment in which you are aware of it taking over your whole being and which feels like you could actually eat the person you’re meant to be talking to up, like you would be able to do literally anything then. Like going utterly blind.

Mimas said the reason why we don’t go any further is because she wants to believe that deep down there is a moment in which the human being in us wakes up. It was healing to hear so. She’s a Giant, I thought, with her giant-like soul: bigger than anything; bigger than wrath. I’m not. I think the reason why we don’t go any further might depend on the environment and the people in it -with whom at times we also –shamefully- lose control. It reminded me of that time in which I could have easily killed that moron who dared touch my sister at a bar had it not been for the owner of the bar. My wrath was bigger than myself, bigger than anything.

And we went to bed, busy days ahead. I closed my eyes. Changes felt exhausting. I'm sure Mimas felt the same way. Closest moon.

With that in mind I went all these years back to the first time I saw Mimas back in class -for her 
passion and soul would take over the room back then. And so it was and is. 

And there was room for no one else.

Mimas says

When I say “Language”, what comes to your mind? How would you describe what “Language” is to you?
First thing that comes to my mind is sharing. Language is communication; it holds the power of expression. What I find fascinating about “Language” is that it is organic; it is changing constantly as people change. I like the idea of constant change in language as it depicts the constant evolution of humanity.

What does bilingualism/ multilingualism feels like? Can you tell us what languages you speak or know level regardless?
Multilingualism helps you broaden your mind. It is really interesting and entertaining because you get to see how different or how similar you are to other people and cultures. It also boosts your creativity as it offers new ways of expressing yourself! I love the playfulness of switching from one language to another!
I speak Greek, Spanish, English and a bit of Italian. I would love to learn more languages…in fact I could dedicate my life to travelling around and learning new languages!

Writing Canvas I : Try to describe what your ideal place -where you would live, the one you would share with people you love- would be like with as many words as you want.
My ideal place for the future is communal housing. The idea is to live with other friends in a community where everyone could have their own private home but in a common shared space. In this space we would have some common amenities were we could gather or share work to do. This way we can live together and support each other. I really appreciate privacy and spending time alone in my house. It is not about being with friends all the time, it’s about making our lives easier!

Writing Canvas II: Recommend any type of art and tell us why -a poem, a novel, a film, a speech, music, someone’s work- anything you consider art.
Flavita Banana is an illustrator and vignettist...she is a talented, witty artist! Her vignettes are spot on!

Given your experience as a woman and the role of women today, what would and/or what wouldn't you recommend to a 15-year-old woman? What words would you use to get your message across?
First of all, keep in mind that you didn’t come to this world to satisfy men. Or anyone! Enjoy your life as much as you can in this madness! Try not to be judgemental with other people’s lives and keep an open mind!

We, Lifenguage Women is an account of real Lifenguage events in which their protagonists answer the same five questions to give the reader a very tiny glimpse of who they are -as there wouldn’t be enough room in the cloud for who they really are. They are an individual universe in themselves, they can't fit in clouds. 


Picture: “Where Lifenguage Communal Housing Will Start”.
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