LEARNING PHRASAL VERBS (THE EASY WAY) by Luis Antonio de - Profesor/a de inglés


The phrasal verbs one of the most difficult aspects of the English language a foreign student must learn. But why do we consider them so difficult? I reckon we hate phrasal verbs and we can't learn them because we try to do it by heart. But there is a very simple way to do it: by cognitive linguistics. First we must have into account that words can have different meanings up or down mean more things than just the position.
A phrasal verb is formed by a verb with its meaning and a particle, and if we understand what this particle means, you can understand almost every phrasal verb with this particle. Let's watch those canguro English' videos and enjoy learning phrasal verbs WITH COOKIES!!!!???(Biscuits for my american friends)
Canguro English is a channel you should discover, he is an amazing teacher from Australia, I have learned so much with him. Go and have a look.



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