Kavafis or how I felt in love with the Greek language by Luis Antonio de - Profesor/a de inglés

Kavafis or how I felt in love with the Greek language

There is a reason why I speak and I love modern Greek. This reason has a name: Konstantinos Kavafis.
Let's go back to 2012. I started university. I loved latin and ancient greek but I decided to study moden languages, my options: French and Modern Greek. I chose Modern Greek because my ancient Greek teacher at secondary school told me to do it. But the trurh is that I wasn't really convinced. Nevertheless I started modern Greek with Πηνελοπη and one day she gave us a text I loved. I was called "negation ("άρνηση") by Kavafis. I felt astounded about the lyrics and about the poetical language this unknown poet used. And I also found there was a sung version of this amazing poem. In it our author "negates" life 3 times with very colourful metaphors.
I like each and every Kavafis' poem. I like "negation", his amazing version of Alan Poe's "the Raven", his "comments", his "stanza". That's why I have chosen some poems I love in greek, you could easily find a translation.

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