5 Things your ESL teacher wishes you knew by Megan Stewart - Profesor/a de inglés

5 Things your ESL teacher wishes you knew

5 Things your ESL Teacher wishes you knew...

Have you ever been sat in an English class, wishing you could know exactly what is going on in the teacher's mind? 
If this sounds like you, take a look at the top things your ESL teacher wishes you knew...

MultiBrief: Useful hints for ESL teachers

1. 'Oh no, I just said that completely wrong. How embarrassing.' 
Please don't worry about saying something wrong in class - it's all part of the learning process. No matter how high or low your English level is, we all make mistakes (even sometimes in our native language!). A lot of us ESL teachers have had to learn another language too at some point, so we totally understand your frustrations. Don't kick yourself when you make a mistake.

2. 'My teacher just asked me something and I have no idea what he/she said. Help!' 
If you didn't understand us when we asked you a question, please tell us! Here are some useful phrases to use in class: "Sorry, could you repeat that for me please?", "What does ... *insert word here* ... mean?", "Could you say it a bit slower for me please?", "Sorry, I didn't catch that".
We will be more than happy to explain ourselves or repeat when you need us to!

3. 'Phew! That was difficult...'
We are SO proud of you! When you challenge yourself in class, it gives us a huge sense of achievement. Our students make our day when they push themselves - whether you just read a super hard word, put your all into a class debate/discussion, or were finally able to pronounce that word that you have been struggling with for months - we do a little happy dance after class to celebrate your achievements!

4. 'Eek! I don't know how to say it. Let me just speed up and hope my teacher doesn't notice!'
Please stop rushing past the words you think you are saying wrong... we still pick up on the mistakes. Slow down and let us help you - that's what we are here for. Remember: Practice makes perfect. Once you have made the mistake once or twice and then corrected it, you will begin to remember not to make the same mistake again.

5. 'I wish we could talk about ... *insert topic here*.'
Do you have topics of preference? Is there something you are itching to discuss in class? Please do tell us! We love to add to our lesson plans - if there is a topic you can't wait to cover, give us the heads up! We will do our best to cater to your interests. 

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About the Author
Megan Stewart is a TEFL & TESOL qualified English and Spanish teacher living in Spain. She has been teaching for over 5 years, working with companies in Madrid, Vietnam & China. She now teaches as a freelance, using the Oxinity platform.
Instagram: @inglesconmegan
Facebook: facebook.com/inglesconmegan
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