Tips on Teaching English to Beginners by Jo-anne Slabbert - Profesor/a de inglés

Tips on Teaching English to Beginners

Firstly, make sure to recognise any False beginners in your class. These are students who have been exposed to English either through travel, having bilingual parents or for other reasons. They may appear to be easier to teach as they recognise the language. However, they may have formed some bad language habits. Absolute beginners on the other hand have high motivation levels and usually catch up to the False beginners really quickly.

The Tips

  • Your classes need to have clear objectives that need to be stuck to.
  • Do not try to cram mounds of activities into one lesson, rather keep it simple and make sure your learners understand the content before moving on.
  • Involve your learners in your lessons through asking questions, using drills and exercises.
  • Include a variety of activities, examples, gestures and mime.
  • Ensure you give them easy to understand instructions.
  • Ensure to praise them.
  • Make notes of the errors and address this in the next lesson.
  • Always ensure that your learners understand what you expect of them with each activity, demonstrate what you expect from them.
  • Check pronunciation and use drilling to practice this.
  • Always summarise at the end of each class what they have learnt. Do this by getting them involved.
  • Keep it simple.
  • Speak slow and clear. Remember listening to a native English speaker may sound like a racing car speeding past and will be very confusing to a new learner.
  • Make sure that you do not miss out essential words and structures, example: You go beach. They need to know that it is: You go to the beach. Or else they will think this is the norm.
  • Connect with your learners. Learn their names, take interest in them. They will feel special and this will encourage the learning process.



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