Oposición is opposition? And carrera is career? Puedo prepararte para oposiciones y examenes universitarios by Monica Migliarotti - Profesora de inglés certificada

Oposición is opposition? And carrera is career? Puedo prepararte para oposiciones y examenes universitarios

A very common mistake students often make is to translate a few words literally from Spanish. In every language there are a lot of what are called false friends (of English): words which are spelled and sound almost the same but have a different meaning. So I often have students who need to prepare for an "opposition" . Oposiciòn really means opposition but not in this respect. What students refer to in this case is what is called a " Competitive Examination" i.e. an examination where candidates are ranked according to their grades. If the examination is open for n positions, then the first ncandidates in ranks pass, the others are rejected. These kind of exams are mostly held by the State or other public entities in order for candidates to obtain a public post. 
Another common mistake is to say that "you finished your career " talking about University studies. Career in English is related mostly to a profesional path whereas when you refer to "carrera" as I mentioned you actually are referring to University studies. So if you finished your career it actually means you graduated from University. 
Want to know more false friends ? Do you need to prepare for a State competitive exam or a University exam which involves Business or Legal English? Try a class with me !


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