A misspelt tattoo will make you a 'laughing stock' by Bev Sisson - Teacher of English as a Second Language

A misspelt tattoo will make you a 'laughing stock'



Love them or hate them tattoos are here to stay.....Literally!

Thinking of having one?

The 'taboo' of tattooing is diminishing.   A few decades ago they were generally associated with uneducated, lowly skilled workers or even gangsters and bikers.
Having a visible tattoo was pretty much a no brainer for unemployment and indeed still is within certain sectors.  
However, the trend has grown in leaps and bounds within the past couple of decades.  Tattoo parlors are popping up everywhere and a talented artist will have a waiting list of many months.  In fact, it has become so fashionable that it is more unusual to see a young person with no ink than vice versa.  Social media is flooded with pictures of celebrities showing off their latest additions resulting in the continuous growth and following of tattoos.

Why do people get them?
  • because all my friends have them
  • to remember a loved one
  • for the love of art
  • to express ones inner feelings
  • religious or cultural beliefs
  • to cover scarring 
  • permanent make up (eyebrows, lip liner)
  • or just, because I want one (not advisable)

For anyone considering  a tattoo there are many factors to bear in mind......

The Design:

Styles - selecting the right style is very important.  Here is a rundown of the major tattoo styles:

Traditional, also known as old school:

Known for bold lines, bright colours and iconic designs such as roses, anchors and lady heads.  They are beautiful designs filled with the history of tattooing.


Realistic tattoos can portray anything from scenery or objects to animals and people.  Often to remember a loved on.  They are becoming increasing popular and incredibly refined with talented artists creating jaw dropping designs in colour or black and grey.  


Very en vogue! These are in very high demand for modern tattoo enthusiasts. It is a very skilled technique, not easy to achieve on human skin, therefore not every tattoo artist is capable of creating this effect.


Indigenous body art. The oldest in the world.  In my opinion this is a sector that requires deep research.  Make certain you are not disrespecting any sacred traditions or beliefs.  Tribal tattoos are stunning, they stand out and look good on any skin colour. 

New school:

This could be described as a crazy comic book on your skin!  A fabulous imagined world full of chaos and very often caricatured animals in vivid color.


There are centuries of history for the art of tattooing all over the world. One that has maintained it’s popularity is the Japanese style Irezumi (Japanese word meaning 'inserting ink'. Tattoo artists still create both traditional and new takes on these classic masterpieces. And it’s a genre particularly known for large images that cover the back, arms, and legs.


Typically freehanded, Biomechanical tattoos adapt to the unique flow of a person’s body, meant to mimic machinery that could be hidden within the skin.  They often portray torn skin with the mechanical element exposed underneath.

The Location:

Where will the tattoo be placed on your body?
Placement should not be a random choice.  When you get new ink, you obviously want it to look as great as it did the day you got it for years to come. And while you can get ink anywhere on your body, not all areas are the most ideal places for longevity. Some are known for their tendency to stretch and warp, others are more likely to fade, and no longer look the same. Exposure to the sun will fade ink over time, so bear that in mind..  The collarbone area is reported to be the best place for a tattoo....The skin there tends to stay right where it is, making it long lasting.  

The Artist:

Who will create your forever design?
It is a booming economy and not all artists will be legit.  Research, research before sitting in the chair.  Be 100% confident that your chosen tattooist will not leave you with something that will go viral on Youtube for all the wrong reasons.
Check out their work, word of mouth is a great way to understand the capabilities of someone, speak to past clients, ask on social media.  People will be brutally honest, especially if it wasn't up to their expectations.

Still want a tattoo?
Please, if your design contains vocabulary, make sure you check and check again that the spelling is correct! There is nothing worse than an illiterate Tattoo artist and for you....you will be the "laughing stock"

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