A Quick Guide for New Teachers in Spain by Inglés con Julie - Profesora de inglés en Majadahonda

A Quick Guide for New Teachers in Spain

Welcome to Oxinity! We are a community of teachers in Spain. Want to learn more? Check out this blog post: https://oxinity.com/julierichko/blog/i-am-oxinity

The first step is to become "autonomo" or freelance. For a guide, check out this blog post: https://oxinity.com/julierichko/blog?post=132

The next step is to start advertising! Check out these blog posts for some resources:  https://oxinity.com/julierichko/blog?post=96 and 

Then start branding and blogging, Need help getting your blog started? Check out this blog post:  https://oxinity.com/julierichko/blog?post=31

Finally, start teaching! Here are some tips for teaching: https://oxinity.com/julierichko/blog/tips-for-teachers

Good luck! 
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