About me! by Carlos López - Profesor de inglés

About me!

Hello everyone! I’ll introduce myself, my name is Carlos and this is going to be the blog where, for a while, I’ll be talking a little bit about myself, my personal experiences and some opinions and advices.

Well, I have recently incorporated as a worker at Oxinity, a community that has treated me great from the start. It has an excellent staff of native English teachers, and despite my advanced English level, there is no day in which they don’t teach me certain expressions or words to add to my vocabulary.

I grew up in a small town in Murcia called Lorca, where my parents got married. My mother, although her origins are in Valencia, grew up in Alabama since her parents were emigrants, so that is the reason for my interest in English language and the level I have achieved. Besides having heard it since I was born, I went to a bilingual secondary school, where I continued improving. After that, I studied the Translation and Interpreting degree.

However, I finally chose the path of teaching, a profession that is not only challenging but also more oriented to interpersonal relationships where I can help someone directly to improve and achieve their goals, which makes me feel a lot more fulfilled. Besides, I have already lived the experience of teaching children while I was in the university, and it was unbeatable!

In a future post I can delve deeper into my personality and hobbies, tell me what you think!

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