An American Architect Teaching English In Madrid. How I'ts been to move to Madrid and start a new profession. by Luis Gonzalez - Aprende Ingles a traves de experiencias a tu medid

An American Architect Teaching English In Madrid. How I'ts been to move to Madrid and start a new profession.

An International architect teaching English in Madrid. The reasons for my decision

As an architect and English teacher, I believe coming to Madrid from the United States and Latin America, has been wise … This is a city that welcomes people, making everyone feel at home, welcomes new ideas, and pays back with a high life quality. Madrid wants to emerge; and knows that part of this growth is having a citizenship that speaks the global language …

My experiences have given me the tools that I share with my English students … for 20 years of real estate development, I directed the selection of the appropriate sites, created the urban and building plans, controlled the available budget, guided and inspected the construction process and guaranteed the maintenance of the buildings. As an instructor, I trained communities to develop their projects with sustainable awareness, and as an English teacher, I have shared the know-how with professionals and at the University. This know-how has taught me the importance of reading and listening carefully to understand, in order to be able to transmit and communicate the ideas, recomendations and instructions in a precise, clear and accurate way through spoken or written means… and part of this process requires the knowledge and domain of the everyday broader range of vocabulary, that must be used with the correct structure and intonation to avoid misunderstandings and to guarantee the expected results …

Madrid became my # 1 destination to teach English and share my passion with my students

Madrid is a smart city concious of its constant growth, a city that considers the importance of inclusion and the fight against climate change, a city that makes everyday efforts for a more efficient mobility, that innovates the real estate business to support the constant growth of its newborn, its immigration and its tourism, that promotes cultural and artistic life, that updates regulations for more efficient buildings with lower energy consumption, and offers the best walkable and accesible public spaces, making it clearly a city that is on its route to a well-balanced multicultural sustainable city… all this constitutes an invaluable source of information and the field for the best English clases.

It is an honor to be a teacher of citizens that, no matter the instruction level they start with, keep always a positive attitude to eliminate the language barrier that will allow them to grow, emerge and expand to be global citizens that can communicate with the rest of the planet.

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