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An Experienced English Teacher in Madrid Is Ready to Teach You!

8 long years of experience


I have been a teacher for more than 8 years and throughout this period I have had wonderful opportunities to work with students from so many different backgrounds. I have taught lawyers, designers, medical staff, teachers and many more. Not only have I taught these people, but I’ve also learned a lot from them.


Learning from my students

I learned more about myself as a teacher, and I learned that one single lesson could be taught in an infinite number of ways! And that’s why, whenever I plan a lesson, I do so with the same dedication and enthusiasm I had when I planned my very first lesson eight years ago. I put the same amount of time and effort, but with one difference: I can now anticipate and handle problems with much more skill and efficiency. I can do that thanks to my students. All the questions that they’ve asked and all the problems that they’ve faced have helped me become the teacher I am today.


Experience wih different backgrounds and levels

As one might imagine, teaching lawyers could be entirely different from teaching nurses. And because I’ve worked with both, I can now teach legal and medical terms with much more ease. However, there is one area which I can teach with the most ease and expertise: English related to graphic design and visual communication, because I am a graphic designer myself. So, when it comes to teaching designers, I don’t have to put myself in their shoes because I’ve been there and I’ve done that!


Start now!
Whatever your background is, I can adapt and cater to that.

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