Approaching Cultural Differences and Breaking the Ice in ESL classes by Steve Nugent - Profesor de inglés

Approaching Cultural Differences and Breaking the Ice in ESL classes


Cultural Awareness & Strangers in a Strange Land - What can we do in ESL classes to explore &, if necessary deconstruct national stereotypes?


In May’s blog for Oxinity & Get Up Idiomas I mentioned a plethora of creative stars that I have looked up to. Some – David Bowie, Stephen Fry, Inspector Clouseau - make another appearance here.

In the context of Language teaching I interpreted quotations from writer Jorge Luis Borges & singer songwriter Mark Hollis as counselling us to first master the fundamentals of communication - including body language & silence, before striving for something true & affecting, be it pleasant or dissonant or discordant – some can make beautiful music but sometimes it can come across as a trill or a drone.

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Take this song from David Bowie’s mid 70’s ‘Plastic Soul’ period - a complex call & response vocal track, but pretty much just two chords. But with Bowie there's always learning:

"Right” is putting a positive drone over. People forget what the sound of Man’s instinct is—it’s a drone, a mantra. And people, say: ‘Why are so many things popular that just drone on and on’. But that’s the point really."

A question here to ask is do we need to do our cultural homework as to avoid appropriation, ignorance & arrogance so that we can ‘come across’ as genuine & authentic so to gain the admiration & respect of our peers, be them from different traditions?

Picture the scene then - New York & Philadelphia in 1974. The gifted Puerta Rican rhythm guitar session man Carlos Alomar is sporting an afro & can pass as an African American man in his native New York. He meets the whitest or white British singers & his first impulse is that he needed a good meal; he spirted him away to his house in Queens to receive some beans & rice lovingly cooked by his equally gifted singer (& African-American) wife Robin Clark:

“My first impression.. was that he was slightly odd. But then the humanity of David showed up. He said all these strange, little American sayings that sound so ages ago: “Hey man,” “Oh, that’s real cool.” But he was trying, so we started hanging out. “You want to see what’s cool? Let’s go to a few after-hours joints, let’s go to Spanish Harlem. Let’s go to some salsa. Let’s go to the Apollo Theater.” And that’s how we actually met, well before Young Americans.” (Rolling Stone Magazine, January 2006).


A stranger in a strange land as documented in Cracked actor, a seminal fly on the wall documentary by lan Yentob for the BBC. In the back of a limo we see a seemingly disorientated Bowie observing a drowning fly in his milk & uses this as an analogy of the overload of the senses that he was experiencing in America – ‘I couldn’t help but soak it up’. ‘Picking up on’ the latest sounds from Philadelphia he was, as ever, transitioning in style this time from a ‘glam rocker’ & wondered if he could get away with his take on Philly Soul. He self-depreciatingly referred to it as ‘plastic soul’; reverential to the form, tradition & source. However with an ‘integrated’ funk band also including lomar & Clark’s young friend Luther Vandross could the project that became Young Americans be seen as a true expression of authentic Soul Music?

Many legions of Bowie fans formed bands to became ‘blue-eyed’ soul boys in the early 8os. Did these people have soul? The trend sprung from this key time & place - a south Londoner by way of Brixton & Bromley transposed to Philadelphia’s Sigma Sound by way of a stop over in New York to employ a Puerto Rican bandleader & the cream of his circle of musician friends. The sessions were produced by Brooklyn born Italian American Tony Visconti who cut his teeth in London in the late 60s where he met Bowie. They bonded over a love of early Rock n Roll & Jazz & particularly Little Richard. The project then took on an early 60’s Chicago Black youth culture fashion aesthetic with the adoption of the word ‘Gouster’ as the albums working title – a term that might have Scottish origins – meaning “a violent or unmanageable person, a swaggering fellow” springing from backing singer Ava Cherry’s stories about her father’s dapper wardrobe as a young man & some more contemporaneous Puerto Rican styled duds.

It begs the question – what does an authentic soul singer look like & sound like? Does it matter? But more presciently how do you gain credibility & acceptance of any sort – personal, professional, cultural, communicative & artistic when in someone else’s backyard? Do your homework, become informed, be collaborative, give credit, be humble, be generous, be receptive to learning & new experience, take some risks, step outside your comfort zones & bring along others to experience the thrill of the ride?



Ok I’m a Bowie fan & also an immigrant (I much prefer this term to expat) - a (northern) Brit ESL & Humanities teacher & have lived in Spain for the last 8 years. Like waves of arrivals to a new country, & to a new language & culture, before & after me, for better or for worse, I have had to come to terms with the fact that they also do things differently here. Try this video recently shared by fellow Oxinity teacher Mark Venning in which 70 people reveal how they can tell if someone is from their country.

Typically in ESL introductory classes to upper intermediate & advanced classes I have introduced the phrasal verbs look like, take after & look up to to try to get to the bottom of a student’s prevalent personality traits. This explores the old dichotomy – how does nature & nurture form us & what are the cultural variables that go into the mix? The topic is great too for building vocabulary particularly with personality adjectives (including synonyms & antonyms with both positive & negative connotations) & for use of verbs of perception, comparatives & superlatives.

Getting an introductory class on Cultural Awareness started – we can ask: How many senses do we have & what are they in English?

We can start by eliciting a class for the senses in English & the accompanying descriptive phrases – sight (looks like), hearing (sounds like), touch (feels like) etc. You can then ask: what does a Spanish person look like? – students will probably reply that typically they have (AmE), or they’ve got (BrE) brown eyes & dark hair & a darker skin tone – the term ‘complexion’ causes confusion as it is a false friend - in Spanish the phrase is comparable to ‘build’ in English to describe a person’s body shape. We can ask what the opposite of ‘dark’ is & a student might reply ‘light’; ask for synonyms of this & some students might know ‘fair’ or ‘pale’ – but which of these can we apply to skin tone & which to hair colour? This is a question of appropriacy. A building can be either big, high or tall, a mountain tends to be high or big rather than tall, a man or woman can be all three but high in this context means we could be talking about the middle word in the typical collocation associated with a rock icon - ‘sex, drugs & rock n’ roll’. In the mid ‘70s Bowie’s prodigious unfortunate cocaine habit was coupled with some would say fortunate incredible promiscuity:

What was the deal David – were you bisexual, pansexual, trisexual?…I thought being gay was like the Foreign Legion – once you tried it once, you weren’t allowed back” (Johnathon Ross – 2002).


Taking some risks with your Cultural Awareness discourse: What do the British & Spanish smell like?

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A tad pungent? Does the term fee-fi-fo-fum hold the answer? According to this article Queen Elizabeth 1st took a bath either once a month – ‘whether she needed one, or not’, or according to the excellent & authoritative QI game show hosted by the ever-engaging Stephen Fry - just a few times a year. However, Queen Isabella 1st of Spain reigning in the century before Elizabeth, apparently only ever had two baths – once at birth & once just before she was married. I’m guessing male nobles bathed even less. Victoria Beckham or ‘Posh Spice’ claimed that she did not say that the ‘Spanish smell of garlic’. She said in an interview in Vanity Fair Espana in 2014: “I would never say anything so disrespectful”– tellingly at a time when both her & her husband were peddling their new range of fragrances.

And what do the Spanish sound like?

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What are the synonyms with positive & negative connotations that are often applied to describe the sheer volume levels for conversation in Spain & perhaps in other Mediterranean territories such as South-West France & central Italy – loud, noisy, expressive, exuberant, rowdy, shouty? Of course, there is a great diversity of accents & diversities across Spain but in Valencia where I have landed, I might just have found one of the loudest places on earth! Occasionally I find myself annoyed by this & like Giles Tremlett – writer of the highly recommended of ‘Ghosts of Spain’ I betray my extranjero anglosajón roots bewildered by the fact that nobody seems to complain….

Fellow northern Brit abroad Phil Ball has also written a good book – this time about Spanish Football called ‘Morbo’ – the term said to encompass the unique combination of history, regional nationalism, language & politics in Spain that gives football rivalry a special flavour. In his chapter on Valencia featuring Los Che (Football Club Valencia) he provides some valuable insights. As with any reading task of authentic texts ESL students & teachers might need to consider either to separate the more idiomatic language as a pre-reading task or to attempt to understand it context - in chunks or as common collocations e.g.: fiercely loyal, baying hordes holler, famous for, interminable racket:

Aside from Betis & Athletic Bilbao, it is hard to think of a club with a more rowdy, committed, or fiercely loyal set of supporters. Mestalla built in 1924, has for some time been one of Spain’s more intimidating stadiums, from whose apparently sheer vertical walls & baying hordes holler their allegiance. It seems to function as a microcosm of the city itself, also an incredibly noisy place…Equally famous for making an interminable racket is Spain’s most famous fan, Manuel Cáceres Artesero, otherwise known as Manolo el del Bombo (the guy with the drum).”

In the same book I noted with interest that football fanzines have not really caught on in Spain. In most British football clubs there has been a long tradition of both official & unofficial magazines published for, or by, fans to chew over various articles, interviews, profiles & even Manager’s Notes. This suggests the predilection of even the most vocal of British fans towards a few quieter moments for reflection expressed through reading or even spirited attempts at writing. The Spanish, in contrast are far readier to just unwrap their bocadillos & to talk – loudly & animatedly, of course about much the same topics.

Another contributing factor & a collocation to consider is the ‘quirky rhythms’ in Spanish life – are cultural norms, regular fiestas & warm weather wholly responsible for the noise into the wee hours? In a Wall Street Journal feature on a quixotic lobby group – ‘the Association for the Rationalization of Spanish Schedules’ blames much of this on the ‘wrong’ time zone introduced by Franco, Mari Carmen Torres, a 49-year-old in Valencia, complained:

“..about the noise late at night and hopes Spain will turn the clocks back. She runs a website on insomnia and figures that a quarter of Spaniards suffer from it.”

How com-fort-tuble/ˈkʌmf.tə.bəl/ are we with pronunciation?


If we acknowledge the stereotypical image of more noise what about the obstacles that we need to address for the Spanish in phonology? Certainly L1 interferences between syllable timed & stress timed languages, the vowel sounds // and /ɪ/ & ed-endings. Regarding the first there are some old chestnuts such as ‘comfortable’ & its close cousin ‘vegetable’? The tendency for the Spanish will be to pronounce each syllable phonetically – /veg – et – table/. Learners are advised to drop the middle syllable in both, & from this northern Englishman’s perspective to change table to ‘tuble’ which needs to be modelled as the ‘u’ sound in (northern) English which in Spanish is closer to ‘oo’. As for the problematic vowel sounds - the grouping of beech, bitch, bear, beer, beard, bird can cause no end of problems.

For ed-endings all ESL learners have to contend with the 3 sounds - /t/, /d/ & /id/ & including unsuccessfully noted ‘French’ persona Inspector Clouseau – “until we meet again & the case is solv-ed”. Some helpful hacks exist, of course – shorten to comfy & veg? find synonyms like seaside? refer to your female dog in the pronoun as a ‘she’? Avoid using past tenses?

An extension of the introductory routine is to elicit for the name of the sixth sense – ‘intuition’ assumed to be the domain of women, or the more evidence based ‘deduction’ – the domain of budding Detectives or Private Dicks (careful! Investigators). In a mixed paired introductory class instead of asking students to introduce themselves, we can ask them to make use of all of the verbs of perception they can think of including ‘seems like’ & (BrE & AmE) functional language such as I guess/suppose/wonder/imagine/figure/reckon/figure/gather to ‘come up with’ an intuitive or deductive profile. Students in this way can, of course, try to intuitively build up a profile of the teacher – hometown, nationality, age, marital status, interests with the rejoinder – ‘it’s ok to be offensive – don’t worry about upsetting this careworn teacher ’. In ‘Annie Hall’, perhaps his best film, Woody Allen had fun with something similar –imagining what his school classmates were up to, or into. in adult life.

Taking even more risks with Cultural Awareness - What does a Spanish person feel like?

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Film buffs of a certain age might recognise the scene below where comic actor Benny Hill playing a professor inappropriately gets to grips with …an a Italian woman.

Playing devil’s advocate – always fun in class – using the term’s more literal meaning you could ask what does a Spanish person feel like? Well my wife is Spanish – I should know but of course I’m British & so the story goes that I am emotionally & physically supressed. In his hilarious text How to be an Alien (1946) - later collected as ‘How to be a Brit’ - Hungarian exile George Mikes thought one-line was sufficient for his section on Sex for the British:

Continental people have sex life; the British have hot-water bottles”.

Experimenting in class with the instruction: “stand up please & feel your nearest partner!!?” might be a little inappropriate & result in - as was the case in the 1969 film ‘The Italian Job’ shown above - a slap in the face or a hand-bagging or two. We now, of course, thankfully live in time when behaviour that was once thought merely offensive is now in statute books as a prosecutable offense. However,
casting a blind eye to some seemingly deviant behaviours might seem to be more prevalent in some societies as we enter into the realms of 'cultural determinism' – as the saying goes: ‘when in Rome do as the Romans do’. Perhaps counter-intuatively, the film reflects well on Roman men in the 1960s – if memory serves me well, justice was done the woman got the police involved after being felt up by the eccentric professor.


However the stereotype, of course, has it that natives of Latin cultures are more tactile, or in more idiomatic language – ‘touch-feely’; northern Europeans are more reserved, overly concerned about personal space & emotional distance or ‘standoffish’, they keep themselves to themselves.

What Preparations do we need to take to minimize culture clashes?

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These differences & other characteristics have been coded, categorised & placed on a spectrum or mapped particularly since Edward Hall’s 'The Silent Language' (1959) as ‘high-context & low context communication styles’ or since Richard Lewis’s ‘When Cultures Collide’ (1996) with reference to the Lewis Model – ‘Linear Active, Multi-Active or Reactive’. From these we can discuss in class with modals for advice & obligation how to prepare for culture clashes in our personal or work lives? We might not be prepared for doing business with a seemingly different cultures – say a brash American or a punctilious Swiss might live by the maxim time is money & want to get on with the agenda, an uptight Brit who is uncomfortable with informalities, or an inscrutable Japanese or Chinese senior manager who says very little in a meeting. The clues & social cues can be found in ‘reading between the lines’, do they place a higher premium on developing relationships before making a decision? are you the kind of person that they like doing business with?


The need for the International Business Traveller, Students, Academics or Sports Person to be prepared for their trips abroad will be the subject for a future blog & for some Oxinity Business English materials currently under development.

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For now, an advanced ESL learner might consider the following personality adjectives to describe stereotypes often associated with certain nationalities. Which are usually seen as positive, negative or neutral? which do you think are synonyms & antonyms? which do you think that many might use (rightly or wrongly) to describe typical traits of your own nationality? & which countries are the first that spring to mind when you think of some of the other adjectives?

A focus on stereotypes, is of course, often considered lazy thinking – nobody wants to be pigeonholed, generalised characteristics perhaps should be taken with a pinch of salt. Yet they can also be a bit of fun. The United States is well known as a cultural melting pot - I recently caught up on the mid-western comic Bob Newhart’s take on his own heritage:

“I’m three quarters Irish & a quarter German which makes me a very meticulous drunk”.

Abrupt, adventurous, aggressive, ambitious, arrogant, affectionate, assertive, big-headed, bigoted, bitchy, boastful, boorish, brave, candid, cantankerous, charismatic, chaotic, chatty, clever, clingy, cliquey, cocky, cold, confident, conforming, confrontational, conscientious, courageous, cowardly, crazy, creative, creepy, critical, cunning, curious, cynical, demanding, dependable, dependent, determined, devious, diplomatic, dominating, easy-going, eccentric, efficient, egotistical, elegant, emotional, empathetic, energetic, enthusiastic, excitable, expressive, fashionable, flaky, frank, friendly, fun, fun-loving, funny, fussy, generous, greedy, grumpy, hardworking, heavy-drinking, hesitant, homophobic, honourable, humble, ignorant, impatient, indecisive, influential, inscrutable, insensitive, inspiring, intellectual, introspective, introverted, jolly, kind, laidback, lazy, loud, loving, loyal, macho, mad, manipulating, materialistic, mature, mean, merry, meticulous, modest, moody, moralistic, nationalistic, nasty, negative, noisy, nosy, obedient, obnoxious, odd, open, open-minded, optimistic, organised, passionate, passive, passive-aggressive, persistent, picky, pliable, polite, proud, punctual, pushy, quirky, racist, rash, relaxed, reliable, reserved, resourceful, respectful, romantic, rude, secretive, self-depreciating, serious, sexist, shallow, shy, sleazy, sly, sophisticated, soulful, stingy, stoic, strange, stubborn, stuck-up, stuffy, suspicious, tardy, thick, thoughtful, timid, tight-fisted, touchy-feely, tough, traditional, trusting, truthful, undisciplined, unsure, upbeat, vain, violent, volatile, vulgar, warm, weird, witty, xenophobic

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Stop taking the Mickey - It's Origins Creating Memories Las siete palancas para aprender un idioma Teacher, to Tour Guide, to Teacher El Futuro de la Educación Adapting to the New Reality via learning English The Seven Levers To Learn A Language Que tus hijos no se queden sin clases extra escolares este año A importância da prática Corsi di inglese intensivi per ragazzi e bambini Inglese per videoconferenza Inglés es el idioma mas hablado en el Mundo It´s a Pain in Spain to keep up with the clocks LOS BENEFICIOS DE UN CEREBRO BILINGÜE Speaking English THROUGH A COVID FACE MASK: Does it help or hinder your progress? Fun things to do in the pool whilst learning English La regla de tres para hablar inglés PUEDES APRENDER INGLES SOLO CON UNA APLICACION? DO YOU LOVE THE SHOW 'LA CASA DE PAPEL' (OR EVEN HATE IT) AND WANT A NEW ICEBREAKER WHEN CHATTING IN ENGLISH? BECAUSE OF 'MONEY HEIST'S INTERNATIONAL APPEAL, YOU COULD BE ONTO A WINNER To make or to do? What do I do for homework? LA RAMBLA’S LICEU THEATRE IS A THREE-TIME VICTIM OF FIRE BURSTS The Start of my ESL Journey Questions about Quarantine: Here are some questions you can ask your students about their quarantine experience: Approaching Cultural Differences and Breaking the Ice in ESL classes ¿Clases de inglés con mascarilla? The Real and the Fake, the Preserved and Restored: in Barcelona's Roman remains you have BOTH. Learning a new language... Introducing ..... myself! Oxinity Ingles para Adultos - Vídeo Conferencia Segura. A good english teacher for my kid (English for children) .CAT domain – Catalonia the first ‘region’ to get their own domain tag, but cat owners were left disappointed! Language and Culture: Recommendations How To Write A Blog Post For English Teaching Purposes What does the dog say? Let's get started! Barcelona The Australian accent Unique Barcelona Facts - First major female serial killer of 20th Century turns out to have been a Barcelona VAMPIRE! ¿El COVID -19 se lleva por delante tu academia? ¡No cierres! To TEFL or not to TEFL I can’t breathe: Ideas for a discussion about George Floyd and the Black Lives Matter Movement Private sector breakthrough in Space: How Space-X is changing the paradigm of space travel Nueva normalidad VS Distinta Realidad Confessions of an English Teacher! I hide the vegetables... Errores para aprender inglés: los tres errores principales que no te permiten hablar con fluidez Planning to take an english Exam? MOTIVATIONAL STRATEGIES FOR ENGLISH LANGUAGE LEARNERS I want my Mtv: A discussion about television La jota catalana y la jota inglesa son primas hermanas ¿Jornada intensiva? ¡Inglés sin esfuerzo! Movement in learning Always watch the original version When will then be now? Soon: A discussion about time travel Learning English through Song - 'Advise to take up caution when learning from them.' Pros and Pitfalls. Learn English from a native speaker Teaching and learning online. What a good idea! Clases de inglés online: una manera de acelerar el aprendizaje Integrated Pilates And Yoga And Children's Performance In Education Unique Barcelona Facts - Europe's First Photograph taken right here in Barcelona MeToo Movement: Discussion Questions Short creative writing about incense and smoke Are you a university student studying English? These tips about how to change your language from colloquial to more academic may help. REAL TALK. My first day with Oxinity. Introduction and Why English is So Hard To Learn? Transfer Your Offline Business In English Teaching Into Online Business English - Job Interview Success for ESL Speakers. Productive skills in ESL – accuracy, fluency & creativity. Do we need a rethink to help learners flourish How to deliver online classes in Oxinity properly: 4 steps The Art of Teaching The Future of our Children dotCAT domain – for Catalonia or Cat Owners?! Profesores de inglés en comunidad (B1 Intermediate English) PLAY TO LEARN Desarrollo de habilidades jugando Make passion your priority when learning English! Tips for Writing Academic English Characteristics of Successful Language Learners - A How To Guide To read or not to read? Book recommendations to learn English! Allow me to introduce myself first... An Introduction Best Views to See When Lockdown Ends What’s Better? The Movie in English with Spanish Subtitles or in Spanish with English Subtitles? Game Changing Technology in Education ¿Te sientes idiota cuando hablas en inglés? (B1 Intermediate English) Preposición PARA en inglés: cómo se dice Rugby Will clapping become the new currency when this is all over? Music and Social Movements - Asia Music and Social Movements - Africa 10 years and counting RESILIENCE FOR BUSINESS LEADERSHIP Recursos divertidos para que los niños mejoren su inglés WHAT DO YOU NEED ENGLISH FOR? Why, thank you! How to give and accept a compliment (and not to sound awkward in the process). Coping With Coronavirus Lockdown - Language For Written English Expression Music and Social Movements Oxinity Ingles para Niños - Video Conferencia Segura. Business English - Leadership skills development for ESL Speakers. Teaching kids - The challenge (English for children) TED Talks para mejorar tu inglés (B1 Intermediate English) Oferta online para niños y niñas (English for children) Inglés fácil, útil y divertido Let´s Kick Off With a Few Handy Phrases! 10 Reasons to Learn English A native English teacher who can help you perfect your English! Introduction Saturn's Moons: Dione and I. Why I, a staunch opponent of Boris Johnson, am wishing him all the best The Things We Take For Granted APRENDER DONDEQUIERA Memory #18 Welcome to the English Blog by Juan Manuel Leiva, English Teacher online with experience in teaching for well over 18 years now. Let's meet and discuss interesting topics. Do not live a day without devoting at least 15 minutes to improving your English. El silencio como lugar de no idioma Verbal Cues and Hiccups in English that seem unique to Spanish-speakers Covid-19: What Can We Learn From This Crisis? About me. TWO WAYS TO SHARPEN YOUR LANGUAGE MIND THROUGH PLAY. Part 1: Darts Memory #17 Memory #16 IV. The Team Kavafis or how I felt in love with the Greek language La crisi dell'Unione Europea Saturn's Moons: Phoebe and I. ¿QUÉ ES OXINITY? / PREGUNTAS FRECUENTES ¿CÓMO CONTACTAR CONMIGO? III. IES Bellaguarda in Altea, Alicante. ENGLISH BUBBLE ¡TARIFAS AL DETALLE! SPRECHEN SIE DEUTSCH? / APRENDE ALEMÁN CONMIGO Apprend le français, la cinquième langue la plus parlée dans le monde Business English for ESL speakers - How to speak like a Pro. ¡Bienvenidos a mi web! LEARNING PHRASAL VERBS (THE EASY WAY) LEARNING LANGUAGES THROUGH NEW TECHNOLOGIES AND FUN! CONOCE A SLAVI ¡TU PROFESOR! Saturn's Moons: Mimas and I. Lost in Translation Atardeceres en Colombia.... Woman Crush Wednesday: Turning Pain into Philanthropy THIS IS WHY being a musician has helped me a lot during the past 12 years of teaching English in Spain, come meet me! Memory #15 Creations by Kristina February 11 - International day of women and girls in science Memory #14 III. Be an Early Bird. II. Talk My Walk. I. Build Public Speaking Muscle. jewllery activity Little Women: A modern adaptation for an enlightened audience Teaching With Tech / Enseñando con Tecnología Indigo Days: A concert in Madrid SLP de inglés New Year's Resolutions? I lost my body (2019) For those reading and dog lovers, here is a heartwarming story based on a true event that will make your heart melt.... 5 ways to inspire creativity in the workplace How to handle dating in the workplace. Max Ibeawuchi English teacher in Barcelona Conversations about Cars About me! From the Isle of Man to Madrid: sharing the joys of language learning Biography My Trip to London Madrid History Class! Spanish women work for free for the rest of the year Some uses of Get/have/let/allow/make/force My first blog! Why gender in English? Aprendizaje y empoderamiento mano a mano About me For Halloween, I thought it would be fun to talk about my favorite horror podcasts. These are really scary and will help you practice your English listening skills at the same time! A Travel Guide to New Delhi Time to read? ¡Tercer post del blog! ¡últimos días en tapapies! Last days in tapapies Third post! Final Chapter of Ghost from the North Flags and Identity CROSS-CULTURAL USAGE OF MODAL VERBS IN ENGLISH Get on my Level: the importance of knowing your English level Art galleries in London Memory #13 Memory #12 Village Pueblo? Painting materials knowledge Surfski Speaking English in Public: The Fear is Real Common Mistakes in Seismic Stratigraphic Analyses (and how to avoid them) How to deal with conflict in the workplace. Max Ibeawuchi English teacher in Barcelona Oxinity’s YouTube channel Saturn's Moons: Rhea and I. The importance of studying English for Business Los idiomas se aprenden con diversión Using Twitter to improve your English? Why I Became A Teacher How to Get Students as a Freelance teacher ¡Segundo post! Second Post! English as two languages and false(ish) friends How to get a Passport and NIE number or DNI in Madrid My Favourite Reading Quotes A Quick Guide for New Teachers in Spain Brexit Jargon and where are we at? My Journey How to register as Self Employed (Autónomo) in Madrid Teaching Kids With Purpose Friday the 13th! Negotiating: more than just a business skill Listening to English: a daily habit! Translation and thinking in English Fiction: The Ghost from the North, Part 4 Teaching English in Sunny Malaga Pleased to meet you! ¡Primer post! El hundimiento del Titanic y la curiosidad morbosa First Post! El origen de Halloween Where's the scents in that? Part II Fiction: The Ghost from the North, Part 3 Fiction: The Ghost from the North, Part 2 The awning has broken - should I move house? THE MAGIC HOUR Fiction: The Ghost from the North, Part 1 Where's the scents (sense) in that? Anyone for Cricket? Guest Interview with Francesca from Creativistas What is deliberate practice and how can I use it for language learning? Entrevista con David Llosa, experto en logística 5 myths on learning a new language. Max Ibeawuchi English teacher in Barcelona ArmEarie: Guest Interview with Liz Richko about her up and coming non-profit organization in West Palm Beach, Florida USA Game Changing Technology in Education Memory #11 Memory #10 II. John Cummins. Trabajar como profesor de inglés CALL FOR GUEST POSTS Fourth of July: Little Known Facts about USA's Independence Day Memory #9 The Must Have Reads for English Learners Over The Summer Countdown to WWII Come On Down To Cambridge! TIPS I HAVE GIVEN MYSELF AFTER MY COMPLETING MY TEFL An Amazing Getaway to Congost de Montrebei Tips for Teachers Why would you like to become a teacher Class Conversation This Week: Saving the Ocean 3 ideas that make learning a language more useful Saturn's Moons: Titan and I. Saturn's Moons: Intro Memory #8 Lo que dice la gente sobre inglésconJulie A little introduction to myself Why English is important in the hospitality industry? Great part of its surface is a protected natural area Memory #7 How to stay focused while learning something new. My experience as an English teacher in Barcelona for language learners. Part 2. How to invest your time wisely. Max Ibeawuchi English teacher in Barcelona
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