Is finding an online language teacher as easy as ABC? by Bev Sisson - Teacher of English as a Second Language

Is finding an online language teacher as easy as ABC?


During my big move to Bulgaria, what came first the language or the home?

Once I was settled and ‘almost’ had a home, no water and electricity for a month, living in a tent for 3 months with no bathroom or kitchen had taken its toll a little. I decided now was a good time to start learning the language. So I did a little research and….


I was absolutely horrified at the task ahead. The alphabet looked like a group of shapes and backward letters,

the pronunciation was so far removed from anything I had ever heard and do not even get me started about the grammar!

I soon realized what very little I actually understood about grammar. My own native language and I did not fully appreciate how it was put together. I soon realized that in order to learn a new language I had to first study my own, or I would never understand the principles or the foundations of either.

So this begs the question……

When looking for a new online language teacher:

Native or non-native?

Most would automatically go for the native speaker. Understandably so. If you are looking to learn a new language for personal reasons, holidays and chatting with people on a basic level then yes, native speakers can instruct what is right or wrong, deliver perfect pronunciation, local dialect ‘fashionable terms’ and idioms used. However, unless they have a degree or qualification in their native tongue the chances are they are not competent in clarifying why something is wrong and will probably not have the perception of explaining why the language is structured the way it is.

So, your choice depends on your reasons for learning. There are pros and cons for each.

There are other important factors to consider, bear in mind the learning system used. Take advantage of a free trial; get a feel for the teacher:

  • Do you connect well?
  • Is their teaching style in sync with your learning style?
  • Does their schedule fit in with yours? You need consistency not a hit and miss program.
  • Check out their social media where you can often find student reviews or certainly more information i.e. a profile, their own blog or maybe a history of teaching experience.
  • Costs, you must keep within budget but the cheapest is not always the ‘best’ option.
  • What kind of platform is operated, do they use on screen teaching materials enabling you to work together? Maybe apps with extra activities for you to practice on?
  • Do they encourage and conversation and ask quick fire questions? This is a dynamic method of teaching which creates an exciting and stimulating environment.
  • Is technology used to create a precise and accurate plan created specifically for you and your individual needs?

At Oxinity our Teaching systems and platform offer all of the above, and more. We are a team of professional teachers working together to offer a vibrant, energetic learning experience which reduces the lesson time required to reach your personal goals.

You can get your free trial lesson by clicking below; we look forward to meeting you!

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