The UNprofitable business of private English lessons by Radmila Gurkova - Cofundadora de Oxinity

The UNprofitable business of private English lessons

What is hidden behind marketplaces such as Preplay, GoStudent, tusclasesparticulares,... and the freelance English teachers' business that nobody talks about

1. Smokescreen: starting your freelance career is quite easy.
2. Getting your first students is fast, when you accept what they are willing to pay and you have free schedule.
3. Once you realise that your long days go from 8 am to 9 pm, with a lot of gaps in between, and your best hours were sold at a very low price, this is the beginning of the end.
4. You are always at your students' disposal, cancellations and substitutions included, which impact directly your income. No income over holidays (winter and summer).
5. You have a growth ceiling: your own available hours to work.
6. You have to turn clients down when class requests overlap, passing them to your friends for free, but you have gaps of hours that no one wants to take. 
7. Working in the grey economy is convenient while no health coverage is needed.
8. And the damn churn rate that nobody talks about: student drop outs after a 10 month lifetime as average, which results in a 10% decrese of income every month. Final blow.

70% of the teachers who chose private classes abandon after 7 months and 90% after a little bit more than a year with high losses. 


What if...

We could: 

1. ... help you achieve your perfect schedule, while giving your clients the flexibility to choose their perfect time for their classes.
2. ... offer lower prices for students by grouping that will increase your rate per hour at the same time.
3. ... build a collaborative business model that lets students decide when to learn and teachers when to teach. Optimized schedule for teachers and total flexibility for students.
4. ... expand your market and get clients worldwide but choose which students to keep for yourself to teach personally and exchange with other teachers those ones with an inconvenient schedule for you.
5. ... help you grow by sharing and not by selling.
6. ... put no limits to getting clients but deciding what teaching schedule to keep at your best convenience.
7. ... not limit your growth options to the price you get from a student and you are not affected by last minute cancellations and substitutions.
8. ... help you having days off thanks to the community of teachers, without cancelling lessons on your students. 
9. ... offer your potential clients any profile within the community. Be the solution to any demand thanks to a vast community of teachers who you partner with.
10. ... give you an app to reduce dramatically admin management and class preparation and collect money worldwide.

The best deal for a student is paying less for better classes. Give students the strategy to learn and they will become loyal clients.
Don't aim getting one student at whatever price they bargain. Aim at getting all the students at the price they can pay and that will increase your class rate with 40% per student.
Sharing is the fastest and most effective way to ensure a system for reaching students and making up for drop outs.


Don't be freelance, be OXINITY. Get a better life!


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