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Benefits of Language Learning for Businesses and Employees

With the world become “smaller”, it is becoming increasingly more important to learn other languages. But how can businesses and employees benefit from language learning?

Forbes Magazine says:

“It opens you up to a large swath of professionals and individuals who speak the same language. Considerably widening your network of helpful contacts. These are people you could either do business with or serve as a go-between, during business negotiations and meetings. In today’s global world, learning a foreign language is essential to your success in another country.”

From a business perspective, this skillset can open up more possibilities on an international scale. Client bases can grow exponentially with multilingual employees as opposed to using translators. I teach at a company every week and one of my students cliams "by learning new languages, we are able to expand the framework of potential clients, undertake projects in new areas, collaborate with new companies, access more projects, as well as obtain extra training."  Another student comments that  "there are also more options for accessing high positions, increasing training possibilities and the opportunity to work in different countries of the world. "

The advantages of  knowing another language also helps the employee connect with the client’s culture and worldview. (For more about this see my blog post about language and culture.) Bilinguals also have the ability to make decisions faster. Forbes Magazine states:

 “With a foreign language, you become adept at observing and focusing on relevant proceedings in your area of business interest. You also gain the ability to filter out irrelevant and unnecessary details. And learning a foreign language makes you an adept at spotting misleading information, this is especially essential in contract negotiations and meeting with potential partners and clients.”

Language classes are one of the best ways to learn. Through Oxinity, businesses and employees alike can benefit from the long-term investment. In my classes, I can provide insights into the actions and worldviews that will inform your negotiation techniques and marketing strategies. I help assist in the understanding of management and communication styles, values and attitudes, that will help you win business. Language classes are a valuable tool to practice strategies for negotiating through the challenges specifically in conducting business in other countries. In effect, this will decrease expensive mistakes by sidestepping misunderstandings and miscommunication between employees from different countries. In addition, understanding another language can aid your compliance with local regulations and standards. Finally, this reinforces the customization of your offer to the needs of your target market.
Oxinity is a community of teachers in which we share our passion for language teaching. We love our profession and enjoy teaching our students. We create and share all the materials we need to teach and we take advantage of the tools that Oxinity offers us to be able to teach in the best way that exists. Oxinity guarantees both the quality of the service that I can lend you, both in the classes and in the collections and organizational problems that may arise.

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