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Break Bad Your English Level

Well, ok, ok, I'm not gonna lie: I really think this show is a MASTERPIECE and that Vince Gilligan has a big, big talent. His talent is so big that he even stole the first place  from Stephen Spielberg in my personal ranking, - go figure. 
But my fascination has its reasons to exist, and my subjective opinion is not the main reason to suggest this show to my students. 
Let's break it up.

1. Plotline

First off, the plotline is fascinating. I'm warning you the first season might be too boring, but just have a little patience: this season has only 7 chapters and it's introducing you all the characters on the scene and the whole situation. Take it as a set-up. From the second deason on, you better fasten your setbelts, because it takes off very fastly!
Every frame is full of information, symbolism, details and so-called "Easter Eggs". Those of you who pay a lot of attention to it, will be happy about this.
The pace is also just perfect: not too fast, not too slow. You will have time to "digest" all the information you receive, but pay attention, or else you will lose something important..

2. Perspective and Midtones

Another thing to praise about this show, is the perspective of the narrator. Nothing is romatisized, what you will see is a raw reality of the human nature and illegal business, as is. Really, I don't like the modern tendency to romantisize everything... Or when the author tries to make the story's observer look at it from a certain perspective. Gilligan presents you a cold, blatant reality, and you are free to build your own view of it. 

3. Registers and Dialects

And here comes the most important reason why I love this story not only as a tv show, but also as a teaching tool: it covers the whole spectrum of the spoken English. In the end, we are talking about hours and hours of live spesking, which is a perfect way to emulate the English-spoken environment if you can not go abroad for "immersion learning". 
You will hear and see how people from completely different social and cultural backgrounds speak and use the language: from a spoiled junkie to a businessman with exquisite manners. This plus the perfect rhythm of the narration, and the fact that they did moderate the use of too complex structures and vocabulary, makes this show just perfect for learning and practicing your skills between the classes.

Just spend 40-50 minutes a day (what an episode lasts) during 62 days (the amount of chapters), and trust me: the results will impress you!

Break Bad to the next level of your English! 
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