Business English for ESL speakers - How to speak like a Pro. by Albert J. Castro - Business English Coach

Business English for ESL speakers - How to speak like a Pro.

Have you ever been talking, but felt like no one was listening to you?

Unfortunately, if you don’t know how to speak business English, this can happen a lot!

Maybe you already speak very good English.

But using business English in conversation is a whole new ballgame (completely different).

If you want to be a successful business professional, you must talk like one.

If you don’t know the right phrases and expressions, you may be left out of the conversation. People may not take you seriously or worse, just ignore you.

But learning to use the right kind of language will get you noticed. It will help you to communicate better and make people pay attention to you.

So, what’s the actual difference between regular English and business English?

Business English is just another way of talking that you must get used to. When you’re at work, you’ll use a different vocabulary than you would when speaking to family or friends. At the same time, you’ll hear popular phrases in business English that are also spoken elsewhere.

Business English uses a lot of common expressions, like “the bottom line,” which means getting to the final point. If you say you’re speaking “off the top of your head,” it means you’re speaking spontaneously (or without any preparation).

Expressions like these are called idioms or slang. Real business people speak like this every day.

My teaching approach for the Executive English X3 Program:
4 Work Segments (2 hours sessions):
Vocal Warm-Up and Phonetics  - Fluency and pronunciation. 
English Comprehension - Idioms, meaning, and vocabulary.
Business English Framework - expression, interaction, and verbal phrases.
Professional English Communication - Oratory, and public speaking.


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