Business English - Job Interview Success for ESL Speakers. by Albert J. Castro - Business English Coach

Business English - Job Interview Success for ESL Speakers.

Your success in an interview relies on your ability to understand what you have been asked and to ensure your answer demonstrates you have the right level of the 3C’s to perform the role professionally.

1.- Capability / Can you do the job?

Skills – Knowledge – Experience

2.- Commitment / Will you do the job?

Attitude – Motivation - Proactivity

3.- Compatibility / Will you fit in?

Mission – Vision – Values

Even if you believe that you are sufficiently capable, committed, and compatible, does your career – employment record support this view?

The quality of your preparation prior to an interview is the single biggest factor in making the actual event a positive and successful experience.

It is impossible to say exactly what questions you will be asked in an interview, but it is possible to predict the areas that the question will cover based on the job description.

There is one type of question that is quite common in mid and upper - level positions interview; these are known as Competency Based Questions (CBQ).

CBQ are behavioral questions, in which the interviewer will ask to describe a situation that demonstrates your overall abilities to deliver and attain the goals rather than what these goals are.

Giving the “optimal” answer to a CBQ is something that requires a structured approach, time, and effort ahead of the interview.

Management Techniques such as STAR or SOARA will help your answer to be meaningful, evidence-based, and unique. Allowing you to communicate your personal - professional capabilities clearly and easily to any interviewer.

Are you ready to tackle your next interview successfully?

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