¿Estás metido en el mundo del fútbol? Yo te puedo enseñar el inglés que necesitas by Torleif Villmones - Profesor de inglés

¿Estás metido en el mundo del fútbol? Yo te puedo enseñar el inglés que necesitas

And that's a goaaaaaal!

Who doesn’t like football? I have to say to watch football with friends is one of the best things in the world. World cup between England and Spain, or a La Liga match between Barcelona and Real Madrid. This is all Spanish wine for me.

But is it important with English language when playing football? Yes. There are different professions in football that are in need of English vocabulary:

1. Football players
2. Coaches
3. Agents

1. For football players it is essential to learn English especially if playing football in Britain or any Northern country. The standard for footballers is high in today’s society.
2. For coaches it is monumental to attain a certain amount of conversational skills. What is the universal language when having a team meeting with players, English.
3. Agents are all travelling around the world, and when the client list grows, it is a pity if a new player can only speak English to you.

So where to begin when learning English language? Well it can be something as simple as:
cambio = change
portero = goalkeeper
Tiempo = time

These are very useful in the football field as a footballer. And are thoroughly explained in the YouTube video as well.
From here one can step up and increase the vocabulary by introducing terms such as striker, midfield, poacher etc. that are all useful when being involved with football.

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