Creating Memories by Sonia Mendes - Online English Teacher

Creating Memories

Being a teacher is much more than just deliver knowledge.
Being a teacher is on top of everything creating memories.

One of my students is a deep low level and each class of 30 minutes is a challenge for him and for me. At the end of the last class that I delivered to him he said “thank you for helping me” – I was speachless. That “thank you” was a reward for all time spent. To prepare the class for this student I take more time than to prepare any other class, and why, because I want to create a memory. I want him to remember what we learned in class and that it was fun, not boring and that he can effectively communicate in English. That’s why it’s so importante to take time to adapt the material to each student. With him I know that I have to show real objects if we describe the room, I have to mimic the verbs, I have to draw the shapes, I have to show him pictures, objects, that will make the difference and that will create a memory on his brain.


One of the subjects that every English teacher has to deal with is food, no matter what level you teach. This is a great issue to talk about  With a picture of a meal we can create a lot of stories and work a wide range of concepts: singular, plural, articles, adjectives, verbs, colors, shapes, quantifiers, wh questions, story telling, role-plays – “What fruits are there in the picture”, “what is you favorite food?”, “how often do you go to the restaurant?”, “do you like cooking?”, healthy food, vegetables, fruits, etc.

The other day I was assigned a class about vegetables to a low level, so I decided to go to the local market to get inspiration and took some pictures to show some vegetables that we don’t usually mention - leek, eggplant, zucchini, turnip, coliflower, cucumber. Next time they will go to the local market or supermarket, they will remember the lettuce, tomato, brocoli, pies, onion, but also all that new vegetables learned in class. I’ve created a memory.


Everytime that I prepare a class, I think about the students that I’ll deliver the class to and what should I do to engage them, never forgetting that every student is different, not only because of its level but also because of its personality. Try to use as much resources as possible to engage them and you will create a memory for life.

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