The Spanglish Quiz: perfect for learners of Spanish and English by Coral Hall - Profesora de inglés

The Spanglish Quiz: perfect for learners of Spanish and English

A Game for adult language learners

Our new Spanglish quiz Experience is a team game for adults. Players answer questions in order to practice English and Spanish while playing and socially interacting in teams of mixed languages and levels. Available for at home with friends,online for a fun 5 minute practice game or in one of our locations/your workplace/centre.

It encourages people with various levels of Spanish and/or English language from everywhere to play, laugh and have a social, educational and entertaining experience; with regular interaction and formation of bilingual teams and opponents.

In Spanglish?

As an ESL teacher, I like to make classes fun and interactive and give my students ways to practice at home. Our system and methodology stimulates conversation and communication in context and my students learn more quickly and in a stimulating environment with engaging materials like videos, songs, pictures and games. This can be difficult for lower levels to begin with and my adult learners struggle to find time to practice out of class.

Sometimes in learning or acquiring a new language, a period of inter-language occurs. This is when there is insufficient or uncertain knowledge of a linguistic area in the new language, required to produce comprehensive and cohesive sentences. The brain uses a series of bridges in the native language to connect between areas of the first and second language.

The Spanglish quiz has been designed incorporating this inter-language process between English and Spanish and encourages positive transfer by using cognates and structural similarities to bridge together two languages. In this way, the learner can also acquire new vocabulary and grammatical structures from others within the team and help each other by explaining the question or the answers. It also takes the pressure away from the individuals in the group as each team member contributes and the team competes to win.

The reason we created this quiz was so everyone could be involved. We wanted to give our English and Spanish students a way to practice the language they are learning where they didn’t feel overwhelmed and fearful. It also allows us to connect cultures by incorporating questions that surround puzzles and riddles, general knowledge, English and Spanish culture,history and heritage.This encourages the teams’ communication in speaking, answering and solving the puzzles; it gives another layer of challenge to the questions.

The Spanglish Quizzes are created and hosted by native language teachers that also work in entertainment; the questions embody a combination of humor and intellect as the presenters engage their audience and create a hilariously memorable experience!

Since the Covid19 situation, we have created short online versions for adults in the form of a free Mini Spanglish Quiz and Pandemic Past-time Quiz, which can be played online via our website along with details of our hosted events, presenters and regular Spanglish pub Quizzes, for once the pubs and communal spaces fully open again. Play Mini Quiz Click Here. We also have pre-made quizzes to host at home or online to play in a social distance friendly way.

What is in the Quiz?

In the quiz, English and Spanish Both are used simultaneously and also alternated between questions and answers. Along with imagery, it enables players of even low levels to understand the questions, while using and forming new connections in the second language. For this reason, The Spanglish quiz is comprehensible for every level in Spanish or English and encourages communication between everyone to work as a team to solve, not just the answers to the questions but understanding and confirming new vocabulary and grammatical structures.

  • The Full Spanglish Quiz Experience (SQE) is composed of six rounds:
  • Riddles
  • General Knowledge
  • Language
  • Arts
  • The Spanglish Story
  • The Mystery Round

The creative mystery round and games used in the SQE are designed to have fun while creating social networks within groups and encourage speaking. 

Our Spanglish Story and Mystery Round creative mystery round and games used in the SQE are designed to have fun while creating social networks within groups and encourage communication and competition. The forfeits and bonus’ keep interest and encourage team building and strategy. Available for different ages and levels and in ‘pick and mix format’, our Quizzes can be adapted to the audience while maintaining the great laughs and intrigue as the full version.

The Next Event

Our next event in Mint bar, Barcelona, will be announced on our website soon as the game can be played according to social distancing regulations. Follow us on Facebook or drop us a mail to reserve your space or find out more. Alternatively you can connect with the teachers involved for a FREE TRIAL CLASS of English or Spanish through Oxinity and have a fun class using a modern system that uses AI to measure your progress. Our teaching team make sure your classes are communicative, lots of fun and highly interactive. Meanwhile, play our Past-time Mini Quiz to practice now beacuse practice makes perfect!

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