American Economist English Teacher in Madrid by Autumn Aston - Profesora de inglés nativa en Madrid

American Economist English Teacher in Madrid


Why I decided to become an English Teacher

So, I’m an American girl ready to teach English to everyone in Madrid (I know we are a lot here). I have an economic and business background but now you are wondering why I am an English teacher (I ask myself that almost every day). It’s something that fell into my lap, I wasn’t looking for it but it found me and it’s been quite the adventure so far.

            I believe teaching fell into my lap because of my personality and partly my upbringing. As a child, I have always been openminded and interested in meeting new people which could have been a result of my parents being in the military and the fact that I moved around a lot. Flashforward to college where I joined an international buddy program and met a lot of new people who still to this day I keep in touch with.  During my college years, I became an unofficial Wikipedia page of American culture to my new-found friends (I had no idea how much that would prepare me for my journey to Spain as a teacher).

            As I mentioned, there are a lot of teachers in Madrid, so why choose me because I know what it’s like to be a foreign language student. I have been studying Spanish since I was 14 and I still have issues. I have tried every method, used every tool, every program and still nothing. So, I understand the frustration that some students have and that’s why I can relate to them. Using my experience as a Spanish student and being an English teaching, I have been able to identify some weak points and improve on these skills.

            So yes, I’m ready to teach English!!! I’m sure you can’t wait to try one of my classes so why don’t you? Don’t waste this opportunity and see you soon!!!! And don't forget to signup for your FREE English Class WITH ME!!!1

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