Are you a Swiftie? Understanding adjectives in English (Part II). by Sonia Mendes - Online English Teacher

Are you a Swiftie? Understanding adjectives in English (Part II).

Taylor Swift is one of the most beloved singers amongst young generations.
Beautiful, tall, 31 years old, blonde, American.
Taylor's fans call themselves Swifties and here, in a recent article in FORBES, they are referred as being "among the largest and most dedicated in the world."

In this other blog post you have 31 reasons why fans love Taylor Swift.

Taylow Swift is "surrounded by adjectives", that's why I thought she would be the perfect connection for the second part of Understanding the adjectives.

Back in 2014, The New York Times made a ranking of adjectives to describe Taylor's album "1989", as follows:
  1. "Gum-snapping."
  2. "Sweaty and dark."
  3. "Skeptical and a little bedraggled."
  4. "Erupting, moody and sizzling" [drums, synths and guitars, respectively].
  5. "Spry."
  6. "Savage, wry, and pointed."
  7. "Intact and sturdy."
  8. "Sort-of-modern."
  9. "Jaded."
  10. "Mournful."
  11. "Less diaristic than her previous work."
  12. "Shimmery, if slightly dim."
  13. "Coy."
  14. "Funny and knowing."
  15. "Breezily effective."
  16. "Clever."
  17. "Expertly constructed."
  18. "Upbeat, tense."
  19. "Processed more than ever."
  20. "Polished to a sheen."
  21. "Bratty."
  22. "Sandpapered flat."
  23. "Flirty."
  24. "Slightly neutered."
TASK 1: Some of these are not common adjectives, therefore I challenge you to look up for their meaning in the dictionary.

In this Part II of understanding adjectives I would like to call your attention to the fact that, unlikely Portuguese or Spanish, the adjectives in English have an order.
Let's say that when you describe a noun, there is a general order to add the adjectives to your sentence, that is OSASCOMP.
This acronym - OSASCOMP - is quite useful to memorize the order of the adjectives in a sentence.
Even if commonly we don't use more than 3 or 4 adjectives at most, in a sentence, we have to know what is that order.

OSASCOMP stands for:
Opinion (beautiful, modern, elegant, ugly)
Size (small, tall, short, huge, gigantic) 
Age (old, new, medium-age, antique, vintage)
Shape (square, round, long, fat, thin)
Color (white, blach, red, reddish, brownish)
Origin (Portuguese, Spanish, American)
Material (gold, wooden, plastic, glass)
Purpose (shopping, ridding, playing)

TASK 2: Create some sentences using at least 3 adjectives to talk about Taylor Swift and her music.

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