Understanding the Adjectives in English - Part I (A1-B2) by Sonia Mendes - Online English Teacher

Understanding the Adjectives in English - Part I (A1-B2)

Understanding the Adjectives in English

A sentence can have different components, that are called parts of a speech.
These components can be: nouns, pronouns, determiners, verbs, adverbs, adjectives, prepositions, conjunctions and interjections.
Each component has its role in a sentence.
I am going to talk about ADJECTIVES.

Adjective’s role is to give us details/more information about people, animals, objects, places, represented by nouns or pronouns.



“John is such an adorable, cheerful, handsome boy.”

John / boy – nouns

Is                – verb

Such/an – determiners

Adorable/Cheerful / Handsome – adjectives.

Using these three adjectives we get more information about John, not only physically but also in terms of personality.


Some words already “born” as adjectives, such as: big, small, fat, great, tall, short, but others are built up from nouns and verbs.


Here you have the list of suffixes that you can add to nouns and verbs to build up adjectives:

Noun + -al – national

Noun + -ic – artistic

Noun + -ful – peaceful

Noun + -less – hopeless

Noun + -ous – dangerous

Noun + -y – healthy

Noun + -ly – friendly

Verb + -ive – active

Veb + -ing – exciting


Below there is a text called “A great summer vacation (source: lingua.com)”.

The text is plenty of examples of adjectives.

This is your task for today: read the text and underline the adjectives*


“I just returned from the greatest summer vacation! It was so fantastic, I never wanted it to end. I spent eight days in Paris, France. My best friends, Henry and Steve, went with me. We had a beautiful hotel room in the Latin Quarter, and it wasn’t even expensive. We had a balcony with a wonderful view.

We visited many famous tourist places. My favorite was the Louvre, a well-known museum. I was always interested in art, so that was a special treat for me. The museum is so huge, you could spend weeks there. Henry got tired walking around the museum and said “Enough! I need to take a break and rest. ”We took lots of breaks and sat in cafes along the river Seine. The French food we ate was delicious. The wines were tasty, too. Steve’s favorite part of the vacation was the hotel breakfast. He said he would be happy if he could eat croissants like those forever. We had so much fun that we’re already talking about our next vacation!”

I am working on the Part II of this topic where I am going to let you know about the adjective order and their degrees.

*I kindly invite you to register here so we can review your answers in class.

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