No se puede hacer una tortilla sin romper huevos OR If you don't make mistakes, you don't make anything by Oliver Riddleston - Profesor/a de inglés

No se puede hacer una tortilla sin romper huevos OR If you don't make mistakes, you don't make anything

Donald Trump famously once said ‘I will be phenomenal to the women. I mean, I want to help women.’


Words are power. They are important.


 I’m not sure what Donald was talking about there but I think we can all agree he has a way with words, probably the best in the world. Not a bad way with words, like bad people have, but good. Not like crooked Hillary


Punctuation can lead to misunderstandings at times too







If possible children, please don’t drive at all.


Two pieces of important vocab for this exercise.


Nickname. A name your friends and family use when speaking to you.


Backfire. When a joke doesn't go the way you want


Today’s exercise.


A few years ago when meeting some friends of friends I was introduced to a guy called Santi. He was (and is) a very cool guy. We got on well and we used to hang out a lot. He told me Santi was his first name but all his friends called him by his nickname and that I was welcome to use that name too. Thanks Santi!


A few weeks had gone by when I suddenly saw Santi with his mother and sister in the centre of town. I started to shout his nickname at him across the street. He seemed to look embarrassed and others in the street were starting to look at me too. His mother looked incredibly surprised! 


As a joke Santi had taught me to call him a very rude Mexican word everytime I met him. His plan backfired the first time his mom heard it. I still speak to Santi but I’ve not seen his mom since that day.


I also recently asked somebody if their dog could sing well and I had a very embarrassing moment in a restaurant a few years ago involving a spanish waiter and a big portion of chicken. I left a big tip to apologise. We are always making these silly errors. Don’t worry, It happens to all of us!


Do you have any stories about misunderstandings? Share your stories with the group or use this as a writing exercise for homework and let us know what embarrassing mistakes you have made. 


If you don’t have a story, invent one! 


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