English To Go by Michella Randilu Perera - English Teacher

English To Go

Throw out those dusty textbooks. We didn't learn our first language using old textbooks, why learn our second language this way? You can learn English, even without a teacher. 

My role is to accelerate your learning. How can I achieve this? It's simple, technology. We use technology here at Oxinity to track every step you take, the progress you make and the areas where you need extra support. Oxinity develops a profile of your current skill base and continues to evaluate where you are, what you need and how to achieve your goals. I can deliver this program, in a way that helps you make the most of our technology and your interests. Together we can abandon textbooks, boring exercises and hours of rote learning. 

By identifying your needs, we can focus the curriculum to your needs. We can identify how you work best and how you learn, tailoring the delivery and methodology, essentially targeting your weaknesses with your strengths. 

Our activities are developed with over 180 teachers. Drawing from their strengths, pooling our resources together and identifying the needs of our students, are the keys to our success. Click below to find out more!

19 April 2021

Registering as Autonomo in Spain: A Personal Experience

Olga O.

16 April 2021

Rabbit Holes

British English versus American English
Oliver Riddleston

15 April 2021

5 habits that can help improve your English

Learning a new language can be difficult, but there are some little habits that can make it easier and a lot more fun! In fact, if you’re already taking classes you might find these habits useful both for your learning and everyday life.
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15 April 2021

6 essential tips to learn a foreign language

In this article, we will look at 6 ways you can accelerate your language learning.
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14 April 2021

Franquicia Academia Inglés Online

En este artículo os voy a explicar cómo crear una academia inglés / en la versión de franquicia de inglés. Hoy aprenderás cómo montar una escuela de idiomas online, te hablaré del plan de empresa para una academia de idiomas, te hablaré de lo rentable que es la formación online y si es rentable una academia de inglés.
Ana Elena Kramarenko

14 April 2021

Google Translate or Good Old Dictionaries?: Tips for English learners on using dictionaries

Olga O.

13 April 2021

Los 3 beneficios de una clase de media hora

En Oxinity, ofrecemos clases de media hora. Éstas son las más recomendadas. Aquí os explico por qué.
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13 April 2021

Is finding an online language teacher as easy as ABC?

When searching for an online language teacher should you choose native or non-native? What other factors should you consider? No, it is not as easy as ABC!
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1ª Clase Gratis