5 ways to inspire creativity in the workplace by Maxwell Ibeawuchi - Profesor de inglés

5 ways to inspire creativity in the workplace

5 ways to inspire creativity in the workplace

According to Mike Colagrossi "A job is a big part of people's lives and it should be fulfilling". Creating the right working environment is fundamental to increase your employees productivity. Study has it that most workers tend to think of their jobs as more of a valuable life experience than as a mere paycheck. A conducive working environment and a satisfied workforce promotes growth and prosperity. Creativity is considered as the missing piece of a puzzle in a modern workplace. The big question now is how to create a working environment that forsters happiness and creativity while not so relaxed that productivity decreases as a consequence?Here are five steps to create and promote creativity in your workplace

1. Provide yout team with the right tool for creativity

There are varieties of tools out there that can be used to instill creative sensibility in your workers. One of the latest trend in the corporate work environment is the introduction of time and productivity tools. However care must be taken not to trigger a feeling of anxiety or rush among your workers. Other tools include project manager virtual boards, shared files and documents and some working apps like teams.

2. Observe and reward creativity

Being creative can be fun  but requires mental skills and energy which most times can be challenging and energy sapping. Ensuring that employees are encouraged to be creative by rewarding their innovative ideas with some sort of incentives. This reward system boost their effort to come up with more creative ideas.

3. Promote uniqueness

Offering some levels of freedom in making decisions to your employees in certain areas like choice of how to decorate their work space, choice of dress and their own work schedules. Employees can also be free to interact with customers in a more informal way.

4. Give room for confidentiality

There are varying personalities in the workplace. Some employees feel shy or wary sharing ideas with others. Making provision of suggestions box or secrecy may encourage employees that are not comfortable with publicity to be more creative.

5. Promote teamwork

People tend to be more creative when they discuss problems and solutions with one another than when they are assigned to a task alone. Encouraging employees to work together to reach goals may help to increase their creativity levels. Introducing messaging app tools in the workplace can provide the platform for them to exchange ideas at their convenient time, this will allow for even more creative freedom.

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