Future is community. Exploring the concept of connection applied to English learning in Barcelona. by Rogelio Regidor - Profesor de inglés

Future is community. Exploring the concept of connection applied to English learning in Barcelona.

(It can be female too, as a t-shirt proposes)

Everything is easier, faster and better when done in groups.

I’ve attended many workshops focused on self-acknowledgment. Whether they were to train my voice or acting skills or just to be more aware of my inner and outer self to improve my living skills; I could always take more advantage of processes when sharing a common space with other people.


Meditation and visualization. The power of suggestion

Sharing space doesn’t have to be physically speaking, It can be online too. I use to listen to guided meditations and visualizations, sometimes in class, only having a recorded voice to follow. When I do it alone I find it harder to concentrate but when with a student, the sensation of sharing makes it more powerful. It can get really striking in larger groups when you feel connected to a common frequency.

Maybe It’s just the power of suggestion; but, does it really matter? Can we say the rest of our life isn’t?

Exploring the concept of connection and SWOT

I’d like to use the example of “The Matrix”, cliché I know, to reinforce the concept of connection. Maybe, we are all connected to a master brain; however, it doesn’t need to be a bad thing. Being unique shouldn’t make us feel lonely. It means we have something to give, some value we can provide to others. Share your thoughts: ideas, obstacles you are facing, things you’ve tried, how they went, HOW YOU FEEL!! and why, etc. No doubt, you’ll find people in your same situation that also have a value they could provide to you. Why choosing a pill to take? When we can run the apps, enriching them with third-party cookies.

If you are a very rational thinker and you need a more feet-on-earth context, think about marketing. Let’s say you are your product. What’s the first thing you have to do? My answer: get to know your product as much as possible, use a SWOT analysis (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats). Last one is mainly yourself.

Then check what your competitors do: people with similar skills doing what you do or want to do. Competitors are no rivals, get inspiration from them. Their existence validates your market (you are not crazy!! Yuhuu!).

Find your niche and follow your own advice

Find your niche: whom do you have common interests with? Do you take classes, like to travel, watch movies/series? what about your job? Search, ask questions, share your opinion and get feedback. Either in physical and virtual social media.

Finally: What solution do you have to these people’s pain points? What would you recommend them to do?

Ps.: Follow your own advice. Analyze results. Start again.

In any scenario, community is the way to go. If creating or developing, co-working is the trend. If promoting, it’s always good to have mentions and other opinions to refer to that back up yours.

Do you fear success?

I’ll wrap this up, sharing an analogy by Jeffrey Allen, energy coach (what I recall):

Talking about mental blocks, he said it is very common to fear success rather than failure. Because we have a subconscious belief that we are taking that out from someone else, that, in order to be successful, others have to fail; or, if I earn more, others will earn less.

On the contrary, life is like digital content. Every time you download a file, it doesn’t disappear from it’s source but it multiplies; now there is one more file in the world. Working in community is the way we can all get a copy of the file.

Actually, community is not the future. It’s the present. Enjoy

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