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How to generate leads and Increase conversions

Generating more leads, enriching data and automating your workflows are easy and effective tasks, here you can find 10 tips to create forms that generate leads! Don’t miss them!

What is the marketing based on lead generation?

The lead generation marketing is used to attract interest in your business. You have to take into account that users who arrive at your landing page are usually good potential customers. So you must do your best to transform these visits into leads.

A lead is generated every time a user provides their contact details in exchange for any kind of offer, a discount, a coupon, a promotion, a piece of content, and so on. So generating leads is used to identify and cultivate your potential customers. To get the most out of yours, don’t forget to apply our 10 tips.

Form Charming: Image matters

Forms are your best allies, to fulfill these tasks it’s imperative you go beyond asking for just data. Imagine you land on a landing page with a sleazy form. Would you provide your data to that ‘thing’? Of course, you wouldn’t! Even if they offered the last iPhone in exchange, you wouldn’t trust them.

Perhaps, you would even consider the possibility of this form to be a fraud. That’s the reason why you must pay attention to every single detail in your form. Do you want your potential customers to fill it out pleasantly? Make it attractive. Take care of everything related to its looks from images, fonts, and messages.

Everything matters. Remember that many times your form is the first image your potential customers will see. Seduce them. Make it look beautiful, friendly, seductive. Offer them the Charming form!

And don’t forget to add some details related to your brand. Your logo, slogans, brand colors… Concerning forms, always consider that users might judge a book by its cover!

Originality: Don’t make your form look like a form

Users don’t get excited about fulfilling forms. If you want them to fulfill your form, take a chance on the originality. Forms shouldn’t look like forms. Of course, your form has to be useful to get leads. But the chances of success increase when users find a form that is fun to fulfill. Non-standard user interface (UI) elements like toggle sliders or large clickable images might be an attractive option to add to your forms.

The key is changing the presentation of the form. The info you ask for can be precisely the same one you would ask for traditionally.

Landing page, form… Action

Imagine you have two tasks to do. They share their goal, but their modus operandi is entirely different. The first task is done by clicking on various elements. The second one is done by filling in the blanks with info. Which one would you prefer? Exactly. The first one would be the favorite option of the most of users. This same principle can be applied to forms.

It’s more interesting for them to provide the info through clickable elements than through blanks to fill out. Motor actions, like a movement or a mouse click, are more appealing than cognitive activities, like thinking about something and then type it.

Love guarantee: Trustable signals

Sometimes, from the moment we meet our soul mate until we realize that this is exactly our soul mate there’s a long process where we build one of the most difficult things to acquire: Trust. The same thing might happen with your form. If this is the first contact with you, users might be a little bit suspicious.

They need to trust you before providing their contact details. An image is one of the keys to improving the atmosphere of trust. As previously mentioned, you must take care of every single aspect regarding the style of your form. But there are more actions you can do to make the environment of your form more trustable. Adding signs and elements with trustable messages like ‘no downloads’ or ‘trusted by 200,000 customers’ might be an excellent idea.

Conditional logic: Ask the right question

Before publishing your super attractive form, think about the info you want to get and how to get it. You won’t need the same info from all your users, as some of their answers might not be interesting at all or they might not even know what to answer. For instance, if one of your questions is ‘Do you like rock music?’ and the answer is ‘No,’ you won’t get any interesting answers from your next questions ‘What are your favorite rock bands?’. Add conditional logic to your forms. This way, questions are adapted to the answers of your users to get the most out of them.

The Minimum Effort: Add little helpers

Nobody likes wasting their time. Little helpers might be useful to get more users to fill out your form out. You agree, of course! Wait, a second! What are these little helpers? All the kind of elements that help users to fill your form out. A good example is setting answers as defaults. Some answers can be related to others.

For example, if the user answers that they have a specific model of laptop, the fields of the RAM and ROM can be explained as defaults. This idea will help them complete your form in detail without feeling overwhelmed.

The Autocomplete tool can always be a good helper for your forms. Take into account that in case your users are using their laptop or mobile phone, this option can complete relevant and common info automatically, e.g., their name, their e-mail address… If you ask them to connect their Google or Facebook accounts, this info can be automatically generated, too. The longer time you save, the more they will give to fill your form out.

Pop Form: Reduce distractions

If you want your users to fulfill your form, don’t add any distraction to your landing page! Of course, you should design your form to get the most of it, by adding relevant images, CTAs, UI elements… But always paying attention to avoid every kind of distraction. Users must be focused on filling out your form. They must know that their mission on your landing page is this.

Do you want to make it even clearer? Make your form pop. There are many tools to make it pop and reduce all the surrounded distractions. This way users will complete it until they have completed this task.

The Form-Task: Multiple page forms

Users might run away if they see many blanks to fill altogether. Progress bars are a fantastic tool to make them stay and avoid their flight. This way they can complete the task even if you are asking for a lot of information. Why is it so sure? It is well-known our brain don’t like incomplete tasks. Multiple step forms give the impression of being a task to complete so they will feel committed to filling out the form.

Win-win: Offering a reward in exchange

People love presents. Not only material gifts but also experiences and opportunities. And they love getting them for free. Sometimes they are even willing to make an effort and do something in exchange for the reward. But, of course, this reward must be worth it. If you want to generate many leads, offering the possibility of getting something in exchange is an excellent idea.

You can choose from, among thousands of possibilities. On the one hand, take into account that you can give a present to every single user that fills your form out or you can hold a raffle. Of course, you should base your decision on the type of reward you want to provide. For instance, take into account the kind of compensation you can offer. For example, you can offer a real gift like one of the most popular devices of the moment or a test product of your company.

Price cuts are very effective. They include discounts, two-for-one specials, exclusive promotions… And experiences! Trips, courses, massages, tickets for special events, you name it!

Form Star: Promotion is the key

Users can’t fill out your form if they don’t know it exists. Once you have the Charm form, you must focus your effort on promoting it. Make it well-known. The more users your form reaches, the more chances it has of generating leads. Let’s take a look at how can you promote your form?

  1. Social media: Every kind of channel might be useful for this goal. You can promote your form through your FanPage on Facebook. Remember that Facebook offers the possibility of promoting a post for a low cost. Another one is Twitter. You can hold a raffle there and establish the RT of the raffle tweet where you include your form as one of the rules to participate. Nowadays, Instagram is one of the most popular ones. So get the most of it!
  2. E-mail newsletters: Undoubtedly, a charming newsletter is a powerful tool to lead potential customers to your form. Remember that this one must be attractive too. A call-to-action button might be your best ally in case you use this strategy. A good idea might be to add a post talking about your reward and add a CTA button that leads to your form.
  3. Paid online advertising: Banner ads, contextual ads, floating ads, PPC ads, Popups, social media ads, SEM… Get the most of them to promote your form.

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