Gratitude For Our Another E-Learning Year by Vaiva Markes - Profesor/a de inglés

Gratitude For Our Another E-Learning Year

This morning I've been thinking that another academic year is coming to an end. Dear students are giving farewells, going on holidays, we exchange feedback and express gratitude.

Another o n l i n e year.
To deliver classes, the official exams.
Endless, as it seems now, calls have been done and sentences typed.

Wasn't easy, but we've made it.
And that is what's the most important.
We've been given a massive opportunity not to stop learning, but continue no matter what.

I love the fact how in this modern age we're able to come up with more and more creative, and FAST, solutions to our problems.
And education is far from being behind!
Many might still be complaining at this point about the lack of human contact we're going through, but e-learning was and still is THE SOLUTION.
It's safe, it saves so much of our precious time, and it can have an exceptionally high quality.
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I consider us very, very lucky to live in such comfortable times.

Apart from many personal and professional interests of mine, I love being a part of the worldwide educational community and, no matter what, it will always occupy a big piece of my heart.

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About the Author
Vaiva V. Markes is a TEFL & TESOL qualified English teacher currently living in Madrid, Spain. She has been teaching for over 3 years, working with kids, teens, adults and companies. She now teaches as a freelance, both, in private and using artificial intelligence via Oxinity platform to accelerate student's learning like never before.
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