Guest Interview with Francesca from Creativistas by Inglés con Julie - Profesora de inglés en Majadahonda

Guest Interview with Francesca from Creativistas

I sat down with Francesca from Creativistas to discuss what she does and how has English improved her life.

What do you?

When I came to Madrid, I started working in a small studio and I wanted to work in a big advertising agency. When I started working in a big agency, I was excited by all the opportunities to work famous people and companies. Eventually, my friend and I left that agency to start our own company, Creativistas.

Creativistas helps clients with show and display windows in Madrid and in other cities (i.e. London and Berlin). Sometimes, we also create signage for buildings.  For example, right now we are making a Christmas window display for a really famous ham shop in Nuevos Ministerios. We also create aesthetic design for the spatial organization of retail stores and supermarkets. At times, we will also just create a design for a day event.


What does design mean for Creativistas?


Passion for art and creativity

Draw, conceptualize, develop the imagined and shape an idea.


Employing our artistic and design knowledge has made us the great team we are, at the service of creating unique spaces.


Our company provides a personal touch that the big advertising agencies cannot. One client can feel that are being taken care of because we will work directly with you.


How has learning English benefited your career and Creativistas?

When I am traveling for work, I have to speak English to my clients but also to be able communicate with people in general. Also, to be able to find clients in a broader way.


What is the future for Creativistas?

We would like to continue to provide the same excellent service. We like having international opportunities with a local feel.

If you are looking for any design assistance, please contact Francesca at:


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