How a huge lifestyle change exposed me to the world of teaching by Bev Sisson - Teacher of English as a Second Language

How a huge lifestyle change exposed me to the world of teaching


I always knew I didn’t want to spend the rest of my life living in the UK….but Bulgaria! Who would want to live there? And where the heck is it anyway?

I was reading, the TV was on showing ‘A Place in the Sun’, the location was Bulgaria. But, I was reading.

“This property can be yours for 2000 GBP” The presenter announced, this caught my attention…..2000 pounds, no way I thought. I now had one eye on the TV and with the other I was reading. Sure enough the next property was in the same price range. The scenery was amazing…. I was no longer reading. I headed for the computer.

OMG! So that’s where Bulgaria is, bordering with Greece and Turkey amongst others…who would have thought it? And wow …CHEAP!!

The next week I was on a plane.

“Yes I love this property” just like that, I was now the proud owner of a quaint little house on the edge of the woods in a village near the border with Turkey.

Six months later, in a van filled with personal belongings and my 3 dogs I set off on an adventure driving over to Bulgaria to start my new life.

I have now lived here for almost 17 years. A roller coaster is an understatement. I could not have chosen a country with such differing ways to what was my ‘norm’ but I love those ways, I love the tenacity, honesty and kindness of the local people, they taught me how to create a garden full of fresh, tasty produce, then what to do with it, preparing for winter. How to take care of my pigs and goats. To make cheese and yoghurt, along with all the local delicacies people have created here for generations. The list is endless. It allowed me to gain the respect of even the most resilient of people who never believed I would embrace their way of life.

Opening a bar/café in the center of the village was a turning point for me. It allowed me to really involve myself in the daily activities of the village. I started to pick up the language and spent more time chatting with locals. It was during this time I was continually asked how to say things in English. So, during quieter afternoons I would sit with small groups and teach them. I started to source information from the internet and put little lesson plans together. I loved it!


Next on the list….TEFL course! Tick

That was it, I was now on a mission to become an online teacher.

Six years later and I have never looked back; Along with relocating here, the transition into teaching has been one of my most fulfilling experiences.

I now belong to an incredible team of teachers who work together sharing materials, experiences and content thus continually improving education.

You can meet us here in Oxinity, welcome!




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How a huge lifestyle change exposed me to the world of teaching

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