How to handle dating in the workplace. Max Ibeawuchi English teacher in Barcelona by Maxwell Ibeawuchi - Profesor de inglés

How to handle dating in the workplace. Max Ibeawuchi English teacher in Barcelona

How to handle dating in the workplace

Dating in the work place can be a knotty topic for Human resource(HR) professionals. It poses a puzzle between protecting employees from sexual harassment and remaining respectful and avoiding oppressive rules. In this article we will explore the best practices for regulating dating, setting boundaries and maintaining a professional work environment.

  Most employers use stern rules to discourage workplace dating but studies show that zero tolerance policies can cause frustration at best or encourage employees to leave at worst. It's best to regulate office romance with established guidelines and procedures. Below listed ideas can help you establish dating rules for your organisation.

Encourage transparency

Have employees that start dating notify their managers. Being open and honest is the first step to establish a workplace romance policy. As soon as the leadership is aware of the relationship, they can make sure the both employees comply with the company rules.

Maintain Professional behavior

The company's rules of behavior in the office should be clear and direct. Employees who engage in workplace relationship should desist from displaying of affection, flirting and other dating behavior while at the office.

Define sexual harassment

Ensure that workplace romance policies address sexual harassment. This is considered as the biggest concern about dating in the workplace. The burden to keep the staff safe lies on the HR manager. Make sure your policy identifies the signs of sexual harassment and how to deal with conflict.

Host regular training seminar

It is important to organize seminars to properly train leadership teams on how to manage dating in the workplace. Team training should focus on recognizing and resolving sexual harassment issues, enforcing safety and managing sensitive situations.

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