How to invest your time wisely. Max Ibeawuchi English teacher in Barcelona by Maxwell Ibeawuchi - Profesor de inglés

How to invest your time wisely. Max Ibeawuchi English teacher in Barcelona

4 strategies to make wise use of our time

Time! One of the things people wish to have control over. If wishes were horses, many people would have ridden to the past or better still to the future. It is common place to regret the amount of time wasted doing frivolous things hence people wished they possess the power to recoup time lost. Time wasted can never be regained! We simply can only make good use of available time. The question now is, how can we make wise use of our time? Consider four strategies that have helped many people to invest their time wisely.

Strategy 1: Be systematic

Make out time to prepare a to-do list of things that are important or urgent or both bearing in mind that what is important may not  necessarily be urgent. The benefit of having this list is to help us rule out unimportant tasks which often consumes most of our time. Having eliminated the unimportant task, we now allocate the time frame to accomplish the task on our list. Self discipline is a key to achieving this. We should endeavour to learn to stick to our list avoiding distractions.

Strategy 2: Keep to your plans 

Most times it is easy to draft a plan of things to do but the most difficult part is to stick to the plan. We tend to postpone some of our plans believing that we have all the time in the world to do them. Time waits for no man! Also we feel that we have to wait until we have every bit of relevant information before making a decision. Therefore, the problem lies on procrastination and indecision. The question now is how do we solve this? It takes willpower to stick to our plans even if it means denying ourselves of certain pleasures. Self discipline as usual comes in handy helping us to keep to our objectives regardless of what it may deprive us.

Strategy 3: Be pragmatic

When we draft up a plan and become too obsessed about doing every detail of them, we tend to exhaust both our mental and physical energy without being productive. That is to say being too mechanical and following a set down rules and pattern to achieve our objective sometimes can be like chasing after the wind. How do we ensure we have a balanced view of our pursuit? Most adults need an average of eight hours of night rest to gain the full phtsical, emotional and mental energy. Investing a reasonable amount of time to resting and recreation helps us to acquire the needed strength and concentration to pursue our plans. Moreso, endeavour to set a realistic plan that is attainable within a given time period.

Strategy 4: Cultivate good values

This is highly important because the world we live in today is bereft of sound values. Many people set their plans based on the demands of their environment and community. Peer pressure and social media influence has become the standard by which people set their life goals. When you allow external influences determine your life goals then you are on the path to getting lost in the maze of life. Your values enables you to gauge what is good, important and worthwhile. Good values therefore helps you to set sound priorities in life and to make the very best use of your time.
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