20 Things Spaniards Say Incorrectly in English by Blanca Sanchez Rocha Baldasano - Profesora de inglés y español

20 Things Spaniards Say Incorrectly in English

Let's set the scene... You've reached a B2 level of English, it is becoming easier and easier to speak English, you're starting to really feel confident, people understand you when you speak, and you understand pratically all spoken and written English. This is great! But I have bad news. You are probably still making some basic errors when you speak. 

In most cases, this occurs because teachers have become accustomed to hearing these mistakes and don't correct them. In other words, you have built a bad habit and it can be difficult to correct the mistakes after years of saying them wrong without receiving correction. 

Below is a list of the 20 most common mistakes I hear B2 level speakers make time and time again. 

Read the list and avoid making these typical mistakes. 


Common Mistake


Estoy aprendiendo inglés para viajar.

I am learning English for to travel.

I am learning English to travel.

La única comida que no me gusta es el aguacate.

The unique food  I don’t like is avocado.

The only food I don’t like is avocado.

No soporto que la gente sea impuntual. 

I don’t support when people are late.

I can’t stand when people are late.

Me gustan mucho las películas de horror.

I like a lot horror films.

I really like horror films.

¿Quieres ir a tomar un café?

Would you like to go and take a coffee?

Would you like to go and have/grab a coffee?

Estaba haciendo deporte antes de la clase.

I was making sport before the class.

I was doing sport before class.

¿Me podrías explicar esto por favor?

Could you explain me this?

Could you explain this to me?

Me dijo que llegará en breve.

He said me that he will be here soon.

He told me that he will be here soon.

Estoy de acuerdo

I am agree.

I agree.

He perdido el autobús.

I lost the bus.

I missed the bus.

Tengo 20 años.

I have 20 years.

I am 20 years old.

Un amigo de mi hermano se quiere apuntar a clases.

A friend of my brother would like to take classes.

My brother’s friend would like to take classes.

Es muy guapo.

Is very handsome.

He is very handsome.

La gente está muy contenta con el nuevo director.

People is very happy with the new director.

People are very happy with the new director.

Estoy muy aburrido en clase.  

I’m very boring in class.

I’m very bored in class.

Mi profesor es gracioso.

My teacher is fun.

My teacher is funny.

Actualmente estoy trabajando en marketing. 

I'm actually working in marketing. 

I’m currently working in marketing.

No he comido nada hoy.

I didn’t eat nothing today.

I didn’t eat anything today.

Me contó la historia de cómo conoció a su mujer.  

He told me the history of how he met his wife.   

He told me the story of how he met his wife.

¿Por qué no fuiste a la fiesta?

Why didn’t you went to the party?

Why didn’t you go to the party?

As always, I recommend daily practice in order to improve. Reading the list is helpful, but let's be honest... by this time tomorrow, you'll have forgotten most of it. If you commit to 10-20 minutes a day listening to, reading, and/or writing in English combined with a 30 minute lesson once per week with Oxinity you'll notice a huge difference in a short time. 

You can read more about the importance of consistency, here.

Are you motivated to begin but you're not sure what to do to practice every day? Read this

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