Imagine you can learn English listening to John Lennon (A1-A2) by Sonia Mendes - Online English Teacher

Imagine you can learn English listening to John Lennon (A1-A2)

Imagine that you can communicate in English confidently.
How would you feel?
In what way would your life change?


It’s easy if you search for the correct tools and if you commit yourself to learn in the background and not only rely on your session with your English tutor/trainer/teacher.


One of the ways to consolidate and learn English in the background is listening to music.

Imagine that you can learn the verbs tenses, the prepositions, vocabulary, when you are listening to music.

It’s easy if you search for the lyrics.

Write down the lyrics and underline verbs, nouns, prepositions, vocabulary.

Look up the words that you don’t know in the dictionary (not google translator).

Read it again, listen to it again.


Let’s work on an example listening to the song “IMAGINE”, John Lennon’s biggest success.


  1. First – listen to the song 
  2. Search for the lyrics and write it down in a notebook.


  1. Underline the words that you don’t know and look up for them in the dictionary (Cambridge, linguee, Oxford):

Example: heaven / hell / Easy / hard / peace / dreamer / possessions / wonder / greed /hunger / brotherhood
Practice its pronunciation. Try to ue these in a sentence.

  1. Some important verbs in this song:

TO BE (simple present) – there’s  / it’s – contraction of There IS and It IS

Isn’t – contraction of Is NOT

I’m – contraction of I am

IMAGINE – to imagine in the imperative form

YOU’LL – (future simple to express expectation) – You will + main verb (join)

Sharing – gerund of To Share

Living – gerund of To Live

  1. Prepositions of place:

             Above – in a higher position – above us only sky.
            Below – in a lower position, similar to under – no hell below us.

  1. Personal pronouns: I / You / We (here using the object US)

You are not a dreamer anymore.
Keep working and soon you will share your words with the world.
Just don't forget to do your background work.

We can work together to make your dream com true.
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