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Motivational quotes in the morning

Today my bed spat me out before six in the morning. It’s like a once-in-a-lifetime chance, if you know me..
I was rather groggy, walking down the stairs. 

The local news in the kitchen doesn’t make me happier but I do want to wake up. Toast with kefir (a dairy product like yoghurt but with some yeast added to the process) and international news; I’m far from getting there..
Coffee, seventh day without cigarettes; I gotta work that smile. Search for motivational quotes for this part of the day seems to be a good idea. Finding some wise words should help me understand my predicament. Although, this is not really my world.
In Hungary, we say ‘The one to get up early is the one to get the gold.’ for ‘The early bird gets the worm.’ 
I have no gold at all. I prefer nightlife.
And I have never eaten a worm, yet. Have you? 
Have you tried Mezcal?
It’s too early anyways..

So I looked out the window and then started to type.

The plan is that before the ship hits the fan, I’m going to prepare a winter-veggie broth for lunch. Roots (carrot, celeriac, parsley root, parsnip), turnip, a little cabbage and a few mushrooms, perhaps a potato, herbs and spices. Soup noodles and freshly chopped parsley, to serve with. 

07:34 - You may very well be asking yourselves..what is this guy talking about; soup and liquor before 8, Thursday morning? While I’m just trying to actually wake up. 
One and a half hours have already passed and the vegetables are still not peeled and washed. The sun however, has passed the ridge on the other side of the small valley and shines right into the room. It is still a bit cold outside, but the rays make you feel like Springtime. Until now, I've spent a fair amount of time in front of the blank screen, to find my motivational words for my day:
Don’t sweat it!

07:48 - Screen full of letters, it still feels blank. 
Maybe another coffee? That would make me sweat. 

Let’s try something. I start to make the soup, and that wakes me up. No need for more coffee, no sweat. Things get done.

Y’all have a nice day!
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